As You Like It (1599–1600)

First official record: on 4 August 1600 a staying order was entered in the Stationers' Register for As yo like yt
First published: First Folio (1623)
First recorded performance: possibly on 2 December 1603 at Wilton House in Wiltshire, where a play was performed for James I; earliest definite performance on 20 December 1740, at Drury Lane.


SCENE I. Orchard of Oliver's house.


As I remember, Adam, it was upon this fashion
bequeathed me by will but poor a thousand crowns,
and, as thou sayest, charged my brother, on his
blessing, to breed me well: and there begins my
sadness. My brother Jaques he keeps at school, and
report speaks goldenly of his profit: for my part,
he keeps me rustically at home, or, to speak more
properly, stays me here at home unkept; for call you
that keeping for a gentleman of my birth, that
differs not from the stalling of an ox?
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