Poetry/Prose converter

There's not very much demand for this device, it has to be admitted. In fact I can't see it making its reserve on ebay. The range of poetry on which it operates successfully just isn't big enough to make it useful.

It's perfect for the works of the Earl of Oxford, however.

Let's demonstrate on the first three lines of 'Were I a King".

Take the first three lines of his poem and remove their line breaks,

"Were I a king I might command content. Were I obscure unknown would be my cares and were I dead no thoughts should me torment,"

They are ploddingly prosaic, so just this simple manoeuvre gets us almost all the way there. If we now reverse his one concession to poetic language, and place subject before verb thus: "Were I obscure my cares would be unknown" Voila! The lines now have nothing to distinguish them from prose.