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Ben Crabstick on Basse DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/JEMS-2279-7149-15782William Basse’s Polyhymnia and the Poetry of ServiceBen Crabstick... goto 30 Dec 2015 Comments 0
Guardian 400th Anniversary Authorship Threadwatch Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by oxfraud.com. Now you know what happened without... goto 21 Feb 2016 Comments 0
Ashland Broadcast A large amount of witless, Back-to-Basics, unchallenged nonsense broadcast by a bored local radio presenter. Features Ros... goto 08 Jan 2016 Comments 0
The Smithsonian Folio Tour Thread Authorship ThreadwatchAnother longish thread in which no questions get answered. Notable only for the latest tactic of... goto 14 Jan 2016 Comments 0
The Smithsonian thread /cont... Authorship ThreadwatchEnjoy this. There may not be another 2,500 post thread in which almost every Oxfordian tortoise sticks... goto 21 Feb 2016 Comments 0
500 Words 500 Words…    (from Oxford's core poetical work, V&A and Hero & Leander)† …more... goto 25 Feb 2016 Comments 0
The Straw Army An incredible find was revealed to the public in the university town of Baltimore, today. After a long period of... goto 11 Mar 2016 Comments 0
Easter puzzles For all you smug gits reporting top marks on Facebook quizzes, try these. 1. BBC cybersecurity challenge (easy first... goto 25 Mar 2016 Comments 0
Legitimized by illegitimacy? Video Survey Published on 30 Apr 2016 under the title Shakespeare Legitimized Plausibility: 2/10, Credibility 1/10, Useful... goto 04 May 2016 Comments 0
Authorship Shakespeare Authorship Question - Wikipedia based  This article was written according to Wikipedia guidelines and... goto 17 May 2016 Comments 0
The Shakespeare Forum Thread Excellent thread in which memebers of our parish exercised commendable restraint as the locals were raring to get at the... goto 24 May 2016 Comments 0
Pyramid Scheme The Ankerwycke Yew To a novice, Oxfordian architecture seems largely based on sandcastle design. It appears to have no... goto 05 Feb 2017 Comments 0 Failed arguments
Riddled with errors Sketch of Ankerwycke Priory by J M Turner “It is simply a story.  It’s true to me.” “Yea Hercules with yong... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Early Oxford Bibliography Anon ,“Hill Hall, Essex, the residence of the Duc de Moro” in Country Life, 7 July, 1906, 18-27. Archer, Ian W., “Smith,... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Footloose Footloose and fancy free What meane thei thus to fret and fume? What meane thei thus to fare? What meane thei thus on... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Psyche I. Reading Sir Thomas himself after Hughes is like walking out into the air, a clean wind through the fog of... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Waughbait How to: Academy, Video Published on Sep 26, 2017 Shakespeare’s plays and poems tell us who we are. But who is he?... goto 07 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Waugh, Pseudonym
William Dugdale William Dugdale’s Monumental Inaccuracies and Shakespeare's Stratford Monument By Tom Reedy The funerary monument to William... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Dugdale, Monument
Dugdale's Inaccuracies Tom's paper on Dugdale.The funerary monument to William Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, is a typical... goto 29 Oct 2017 Comments 0
Waughgrave  Alexander Waugh outlines his theory that the title page of the Aspley version of Shake-speare's Sonnets (1609... goto 24 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Waugh, Grave, Monument
Inked Out Inked Out: How Oxford's Letters Cross Him Off As “Shakespeare” Speake the Speech I pray you, as I pronounc'd it to you... goto 24 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Price on Hand D We have taken the liberty of reproducing large chunks of Diana Price’s article which seems to be rebutting the content of... goto 07 Feb 2018 Comments 0 Hand D
Handwriting Home It is time to talk of Handwriting.   Oxfordians believe that Shakespeare left nothing behind. In fact, their claims... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
A Secretary Hand The handwriting of the Elizabethan professional writer and the Bankside playwright. The first time Richard Burbage saw the... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
An Italic Hand One the many from Oxford's Collection of Tin Mining letters in the italic hand installed on our site. Not identical but... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Spellbound Appendix Oxlets10 code { white-space: pre-wrap; } span.smallcaps { font-variant: small-caps; } div.... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Inked Out: Appendix Oxlets12 Appendix:   Comparative Orthography, Hand D and Oxford's Letters   Oxfordians who mock the... goto 15 Jan 2018 Comments 0
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A W Pollard A W Pollard by Frank Brook. The British Library. Click on the link below to download Pdf of the CUP 1923 edition of... goto 15 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Inked Out: Downloadable Pdf Inked Out: How Oxford's Letters Cross Him Off As “Shakespeare” The Earl of Oxford’s English is unique. It is both... goto 15 Jan 2018 Comments 0