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The Writer Who Wasn't There  Nobody Claimed Oxford Wrote The Canon (until about the 20th century at least). This is probably the single most... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Sir George Buc Sir George Buc (1560-1622) was an English scholar. Antiquarian, poet and writer who from 1603 to his death served in the... goto 07 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Were the plays written by a courtier? Three of the major axes of Oxfordian argument insist that the author was a graduate, trained in the law and a court insider... goto 07 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Ministering propaganda Some Oxfordian enthusiasts, after discovering that he wrote Shakespeare's work, are not content to leave it at that. Tying... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Glove-maker’s son? Could a mere glove-maker’s son have written the works of Shakespeare? Oxfordians will fervently deny claims of snobbery when... goto 30 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Signature moves MacShakespeare and his fellow playwrights all had different styles. Their verse, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure,... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
The stigma of anonymity There would have to be a reason, and a good one, for not putting your name on the world's finest body of artistic work. And... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
The 19C Irish Novel The Irish mint offered a clue to Joyce's hidden influences by deliberately misquoting him on the 'Hidden Eye' 10 euro... goto 04 Mar 2015 Comments 0
The Golding Variations The myth of Oxford as a child prodigy and polymath is utterly unfounded. The film has him writing A Midsummer Night's... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Dealing with bereavement For people to do things, in the real world, they have to be alive to do them. That may seem like too simple a platitude for... goto 01 Jan 2016 Comments 0
The Isle of Mersea 1605 The Earl translates the King James Bible in secret Another Deleted Scene from Anonymous Int. scene - description Scene: A... goto 20 Mar 2015 Comments 0
10 Worst Arguments If any anti-Stratfordian makes any of the ten arguments listed below, you can be sure you are dealing with an idiot. In the... goto 21 Nov 2017 Comments 0
9.5 theses Hairy_lime, echoing a famous 16C protestant, nails his theses to imdb's Anonymous discussion board. 1. All of the available... goto 19 Jan 2013 Comments 0
Speak the speech . . . Speak the speech, I pray you..." Shakespeare wrote for performance. After four hundred years, his tragedies,... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
The great Globe itself... Shakespeare wrote not only for the theatre, but for different theatres. In 1609, the King's Men began playing at the... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Je n'accuse pas No-one said he wrote plays. De Vere, in his long and colourful life, made many enemies and was involved in numerous lawsuits... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Elite knowledge Despite the inability of Oxfordians to come up with examples of things in the plays which require the elite knowledge of... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
The best among us?? Despite the oft-quoted extracts from Francis Meres and George Puttenham, no one has ever actually claimed that Oxford was a... goto 21 Nov 2015 Comments 0
Drawing a blank Although there are a few hundred lines of verse indisputably attributable to De Vere, none are in the characteristic... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Court out Oxford was an aristocrat - a proper, belted Earl. Not the highest rank in society, as some claim, but close. Oxfordians cite... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Royal sendoff In 1603 Oxford, having dissipated his own large fortune, was unable to live on the money he had from two marriages into... goto 03 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Professor Nelson on stage Unsurprisingly not very popular with Oxfordians, this is the only peer reviewed biography of Oxford. The publishers... goto 18 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Call yourself a playwright Oxfordians make much of the fact that there are no letters written by Shakespeare as if the fact that the 70 letters of... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Can the plays be dated accurately? Yes. In fact, no one really argues with the basic consensus. There have been graduate dissertations which have attempted the... goto 14 Feb 2015 Comments 0
Why pick Oxford? Why pick on the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere? So why has the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere, conquered Bacon,... goto 14 Feb 2015 Comments 0
Did Earls really write plays?   Yes and no. How’s that for an answer? Elizabeth 1’s reign saw the great rift between the amateur and professional... goto 02 Aug 2016 Comments 0
Court poet, didn't know it A bit of sleight of hand in the film Anonymous moves the publication of Venus and Adonis from 1593 to 1599. I rather enjoyed... goto 07 Jun 2016 Comments 0
What's the leklywhode? Oxford's spelling was idiosyncratic, even for an Elizabethan. He almost always wrote "lek" for like, in all its forms: "... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
Tin Ear Fully a third of Oxford's surviving letters are taken up with his campaign to hold the Crown's monopoly on Cornish tin-mines... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0
I am not a lawyer Another key assumption found in all Oxfordian argument is that the plays contain detailed knowledge of the law, which could... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 0