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Pareidolatry Here at Oxfraud University, we defer to nobody in the physical and mental care of those in our charge. All students on the... goto 21 Oct 2014 Comments 1
The Italian Job 'Almost no Oxfordian argument has wasted more bandwidth than Will's knowledge of Italy. The arguments have a unique brand of... goto 20 Jul 2017 Comments 1 Italy
Who Wrote Woody Allen? Saxophonist George Coleman handed the world a clue to the WAQ when he said 'the only time he made me laugh was when... goto 27 Mar 2015 Comments 1
Hurghley Burghley There are people (including some who are certain that William Shakespeare of Stratford wrote the plays attributed to him)... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 1
Hidebound academia The authorative work on Oxford and his contemporaries at the court of Elizabeth is The Elizabethan Courtier Poets by... goto 11 Apr 2015 Comments 1
Were I any good as a poet. . . Oxfordians accept the minute quantity of contemporary praise for Oxford’s literary efforts at face value and lionize him as... goto 07 Jun 2016 Comments 1
Peer to Peer A tricky one, this. Whatever you make of the plausibility of Oxford's reasons for not putting his name on the plays, his... goto 18 Sep 2015 Comments 1
Bonner Cutting on Oxford's letters Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Published on 22 Jan 2018 Click on this link to watch the video on the SOF site.  ... goto 07 Feb 2018 Comments 0
One of D H Lawrence's letters. 22 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Hand D Triptych The three pages of Hand D British Library Manuscript Harley 7368. 6000x2800 hi-re sharpened, bleached and colour-balanced... goto 22 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Inked Out: Downloadable Pdf Inked Out: How Oxford's Letters Cross Him Off As “Shakespeare” The Earl of Oxford’s English is unique. It is both... goto 15 Jan 2018 Comments 0
A W Pollard A W Pollard by Frank Brook. The British Library. Click on the link below to download Pdf of the CUP 1923 edition of... goto 15 Jan 2018 Comments 0
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Inked Out: Appendix Oxlets12 Appendix:   Comparative Orthography, Hand D and Oxford's Letters   Oxfordians who mock the... goto 15 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Spellbound Appendix Oxlets10 code { white-space: pre-wrap; } span.smallcaps { font-variant: small-caps; } div.... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
An Italic Hand One the many from Oxford's Collection of Tin Mining letters in the italic hand installed on our site. Not identical but... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
A Secretary Hand The handwriting of the Elizabethan professional writer and the Bankside playwright. The first time Richard Burbage saw the... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Handwriting Home It is time to talk of Handwriting.   Oxfordians believe that Shakespeare left nothing behind. In fact, their claims... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Price on Hand D We have taken the liberty of reproducing large chunks of Diana Price’s article which seems to be rebutting the content of... goto 07 Feb 2018 Comments 0 Hand D
Inked Out Inked Out: How Oxford's Letters Cross Him Off As “Shakespeare” Speake the Speech I pray you, as I pronounc'd it to you... goto 24 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Waughgrave  Alexander Waugh outlines his theory that the title page of the Aspley version of Shake-speare's Sonnets (1609... goto 24 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Waugh, Grave, Monument
Dugdale's Inaccuracies Tom's paper on Dugdale.The funerary monument to William Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, is a typical... goto 29 Oct 2017 Comments 0
William Dugdale William Dugdale’s Monumental Inaccuracies and Shakespeare's Stratford Monument By Tom Reedy The funerary monument to William... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Dugdale, Monument
Waughbait How to: Academy, Video Published on Sep 26, 2017 Shakespeare’s plays and poems tell us who we are. But who is he?... goto 07 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Waugh, Pseudonym
Psyche I. Reading Sir Thomas himself after Hughes is like walking out into the air, a clean wind through the fog of... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Footloose Footloose and fancy free What meane thei thus to fret and fume? What meane thei thus to fare? What meane thei thus on... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Early Oxford Bibliography Anon ,“Hill Hall, Essex, the residence of the Duc de Moro” in Country Life, 7 July, 1906, 18-27. Archer, Ian W., “Smith,... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Riddled with errors Sketch of Ankerwycke Priory by J M Turner “It is simply a story.  It’s true to me.” “Yea Hercules with yong... goto 02 Feb 2017 Comments 0
Pyramid Scheme The Ankerwycke Yew To a novice, Oxfordian architecture seems largely based on sandcastle design. It appears to have no... goto 05 Feb 2017 Comments 0 Failed arguments
The Shakespeare Forum Thread Excellent thread in which memebers of our parish exercised commendable restraint as the locals were raring to get at the... goto 24 May 2016 Comments 0