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Wills Income table Shakespeare's earnings Writer   Venus and Adonis £27.00     Rape of Lucrece £20.00  ... goto 27 Aug 2014 Comments 0
Contact Contact Us Your name * Your e-mail address * Subject * Message * Get... goto 03 Jul 2014 Comments 0
An Annotated Oxfordian Manifesto More from the imdb Anonymous Board. This is a summary of the Oxfordian position by long term contributor Howard Schumann... goto 25 Jun 2014 Comments 7
Engagement Page DepthPageviews 1 677   2 274   3 246   4 176   5 120   6... goto 19 Jun 2014 Comments 0
Twitter 05 Jun 2014 Comments 0
Beyond a Joke? We may finally be approaching the end of the Oxfordian supremacy in the authorship debate. Not a moment too soon both for... goto 01 Jun 2014 Comments 0
Redating The Tempest 1. I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll b-b-b-blow your house in! On the Date, Sources and Design of Shakespeare's The Tempest... goto 28 May 2014 Comments 4 Chronology, Tempest, Stritmatter
Sheiken, not stirred A little south of Basra, now merged into the Basra metropolitan area, is the small - 60,000 currently - city of Zubayr.... goto 27 May 2014 Comments 0
Coriolanus through the goggles The Shakesvere Coriolanus thread made safe for public consumption. 21 Apr 2014 Comments 0
William Shakespeare Well someone had to say it. We can spend all day shooting down rival candidates like particular large fish in particular... goto 26 Mar 2014 Comments 0
Professor Shapiro reacts ROLAND EMMERICH’S film “Anonymous,” which opens next week, “presents a compelling portrait of Edward de Vere as the true... goto 25 Mar 2014 Comments 3
Mmmm! BACON! Perhaps we should give some recognition for the man who, if not a "better" candidate, at least has the primacy of place:... goto 09 Mar 2014 Comments 5 Cipher nonsense
Why is there an authorship 'debate', anyway? It's not a question of evidence  Isolating the bug up the Oxfordian backsideSchopenhauer on geniusIt is a... goto 09 Mar 2014 Comments 0
The Hollow Crown In 2012, as part of the cultural element of the London Olympic Games, the BBC contributed four productions of the... goto 09 Mar 2014 Comments 0
jdl 405 Error: Literal Meaning not found The... goto 04 Mar 2014 Comments 0
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Book Store The Bookstore helps to pay for the cost of keeping Oxfraud online. .breadcrumb-wrap {display: none; } 21 Feb 2014 Comments 0
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Internet Argument 101 Hey, before you post that daft response, remember, Big Art may be watching you! In fact, judging by his expression, he... goto 04 Feb 2014 Comments 0
A compendium of Oxfordian argument Collected by John W Kennedy on his site, with additions from argument elsewhere  If you are not acquainted with the... goto 28 Jan 2014 Comments 0
The Single Page Guide 1. Shakespeare is not Oxford's pseudonym. There is no credible evidence that anyone from Shakespeare's time... goto 23 Jan 2014 Comments 2
Play Index Not complete, yet, obviously. We'll get there. We have used the MIT texts as the basis for ours. These, in turn, were based... goto 14 Jan 2014 Comments 0
HTML Help Use the Source HTML editor, copy the feature, change the text. Right Call-out table using "alternative-font" class '... goto 14 Jan 2014 Comments 0
Tidings Next low tide is Candlemas. January, at least here, is all about mud. Christmas The Twelve Days of Christmas—were you not of... goto 11 Jan 2014 Comments 0
Key search phrases   Keyphrases used on search engines   928 different keyphrasesSearchPercent oxfraud 604 25.4 % the man... goto 08 Jan 2014 Comments 0
Hand D Hand D belongs to one of six different authors who contributed to the manuscript of Sir Thomas More now in the British... goto 04 Dec 2013 Comments 0
Collaborative Plays     This book is ostensibly the partner edition of the The RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works and is... goto 30 Nov 2013 Comments 0
Cry Murder! in a Small Voice Some of us at Oxfraud are old hands at the Authorship Question, able to judge and anticipate the opposition's every move.... goto 21 Nov 2013 Comments 0
De Vere revealed Excitement is crackling in the cold February air as journalists wait to discover the identity of a skeleton unearthed in a... goto 31 Oct 2013 Comments 0