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I can't claim I made much of it but did wonder a bit if there might be more to the 'Double Falsehood' than met the eye. After all, any relic of a Shakespeare... | | read→
I'm pretty sure Greene lifted the line from Will. It makes a meaningful contrast of extremes the way Will wrote it, whereas I think Greene could have come up... | | read→
A lasting influence then, especially on the Shrew. Rivedere il shakespeare, inizia citando lui ora. Isn't that how it goes? When you look at the elasticity of... | | read→
I like all things Italian, me, though I can see why people who claim that Will defined 'Englishness' might be a bit suspicious of an Italian claimant. The DNB... | | read→
If I were to offer you some free advice on your composition technique, it would be this: don't start with your conclusion. It makes everything else that you... | | read→
Twain on the shrinking Mississippi was (I thought) taking the mikey out of people who argued to an absurd conclusion from over-simplified assumptions. At least... | | read→
Excellent comment.   I love Feynman and especially love his 'Surely you are joking, Mr Feyman?' series, which could clear up all the authorship trouble we seem... | | read→
I think the distance between Marlowe and Oxford as candidates is not very far short of the distance between Marlowe and Shakespeare. Marlowe is in the right... | | read→