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One of the most frequently asked questions is "Why do almost none of your contributors use their real names?" The answer is fairly straightforward. It's because Oxfordians are not above a bit of concerted malicious action against people who disagree with them. Whilst they are mostly content to play by the rules, it has been common in the past for emails to be submitted to blacklists, posters to be cited for abuse along with more rococo operations, like trying to discourage the sale of Professor Alan Nelson's book, Monstrous Adversary, by offering second hand copies on Amazon at ludicrously high prices. $1,350 has been seen. This type of misdirection, diverting the attention of genuine readers from the fact that the book is available from the publishers for £22, is part of the Oxfordian arsenal, so protecting the privacy of your everyday mailboxes is no more than common sense.

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    We don't have one. The only address we have is the web address. Emails to alfa at oxfraud dot com will all receive a reply. Individual authors can be contacted by clicking on their ID's at the end of articles.

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    We're not a business but that fact that we have a selection of regulars on both sides of the Atlantic means that the Facebook Group is always open for business.