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Internet Argument 101 Hey, before you post that daft response, remember, Big Art may be watching you! In fact, judging by his expression, he... goto 04 Feb 2014 Comments 0
A compendium of Oxfordian argument Collected by John W Kennedy on his site, with additions from argument elsewhere  If you are not acquainted with the... goto 28 Jan 2014 Comments 0
The Single Page Guide 1. Shakespeare is not Oxford's pseudonym. There is no credible evidence that anyone from Shakespeare's time... goto 23 Jan 2014 Comments 2
HTML Help Use the Source HTML editor, copy the feature, change the text. Right Call-out table using "alternative-font" class '... goto 14 Jan 2014 Comments 0
Play Index Not complete, yet, obviously. We'll get there. We have used the MIT texts as the basis for ours. These, in turn, were based... goto 14 Jan 2014 none 0
Tidings Next low tide is Candlemas. January, at least here, is all about mud. Christmas The Twelve Days of Christmas—were you not of... goto 11 Jan 2014 Comments 0
Key search phrases   Keyphrases used on search engines   928 different keyphrasesSearchPercent oxfraud 604 25.4 % the man... goto 08 Jan 2014 Comments 0
Hand D Hand D belongs to one of six different authors who contributed to the manuscript of Sir Thomas More now in the British... goto 04 Dec 2013 Comments 0
Collaborative Plays     This book is ostensibly the partner edition of the The RSC Shakespeare: The Complete Works and is... goto 30 Nov 2013 Comments 0
Cry Murder! in a Small Voice Some of us at Oxfraud are old hands at the Authorship Question, able to judge and anticipate the opposition's every move.... goto 21 Nov 2013 Comments 0
De Vere revealed Excitement is crackling in the cold February air as journalists wait to discover the identity of a skeleton unearthed in a... goto 31 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Glove-maker’s son? Could a mere glove-maker’s son have written the works of Shakespeare? Oxfordians will fervently deny claims of snobbery when... goto 30 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Is it important? Is it important who wrote Shakespeare? Surely all that really matters to the modern reader is that we have a body of work... goto 30 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Macbeth ACT I SCENE I. A desert place.   Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches First Witch When shall we three meet... goto 30 Oct 2013 none 0
Macbeth ACT I SCENE I. A desert place.   Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches First Witch When shall we three meet... goto 30 Oct 2013 none 0
Rude Oxfordians Dear Oxfraud, My husband no longer shows the slightest interest in starting a conversation with me, let alone showing any... goto 30 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Screen Shots     30 Oct 2013 Comments 0
The Gob Particle The UniVeres is comprised of a number subatomic particles. The Looney Ogburn Boson is primarily responsible for the... goto 25 Oct 2013 Comments 0 Wild Surmise
Introduction .breadcrumb-wrap {display: none; } 23 Oct 2013 Comments 0
The Tempest Teapot 23 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Caroline Spurgeon Professor Caroline Spurgeon's work, Shakespeare's Imagery, represents years of work looking for patterns in the number and... goto 22 Oct 2013 Comments 6
Othello, The Moor of Venice ACT I SCENE I. Venice. A street.   Enter RODERIGO and IAGO RODERIGO Tush! never tell me; I take it much unkindlyThat... goto 22 Oct 2013 none 0
Tag Line-up   Selecting one of the tags will bring up a list of linked articles. Use the Search Box for more specific searches.... goto 22 Oct 2013 Comments 0
404 Error 404 We're sorry, but the Oxfordian argument you are looking for became decrepit and has been retired. Or... goto 20 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Logan Pearsall Smith Hit. Nail. Head. On Reading Shakespeare In one of his letters Henry James describes how ignobly fond he had become as he... goto 20 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Reasons Front page .breadcrumb-wrap {display: none; } 20 Oct 2013 Comments 0
Two Gentlemen of Verona ACT I SCENE I. Verona. An open place.   Enter VALENTINE and PROTEUS VALENTINE Cease to persuade, my loving Proteus:Home... goto 20 Oct 2013 none 0
Feedback If you've found a problem or would like to tell us how you like the site and what you'd like to see changed, or if you have... goto 18 Oct 2013 Comments 61
Professor Nelson on stage Unsurprisingly not very popular with Oxfordians, this is the only peer reviewed biography of Oxford. The publishers... goto 18 Oct 2013 Comments 0
As You Like it ACT I SCENE I. Orchard of Oliver's house.   Enter ORLANDO and ADAM ORLANDO As I remember, Adam, it was upon this... goto 16 Oct 2013 Comments 0


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