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Plane truth Christmas Eve, and twelve of the clock.   "Now they are all on their knees,"An elder said as we sat in a... goto 27 Jun 2017 Comments 7 Italy
The Italian Job 'Almost no Oxfordian argument has wasted more bandwidth than Will's knowledge of Italy. The arguments have a unique brand of... goto 20 Jul 2017 Comments 1 Italy
404 404 O hateful error, melancholy's child, Why dost thou show to the apt thoughts of men The things that are... goto 11 Aug 2017 Comments 0
Apocrypha What about Oxford’s own scriptural interests? Surely somewhere in the plod and dribble of his writing—what Stritmatter... goto 14 Oct 2017 Comments 0 Bible
Dyer consequences A pontification too farThe Spectator. Alexander Waugh's Diary. November 2, 2013Alexander Waugh's Diary is a sparse but... goto 23 Oct 2017 Comments 0
Dugdale's Inaccuracies Tom's paper on Dugdale.The funerary monument to William Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, is a typical... goto 29 Oct 2017 Comments 0
Waughbait How to: Academy, Video Published on Sep 26, 2017 Shakespeare’s plays and poems tell us who we are. But who is he?... goto 07 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Waugh, Pseudonym
4. Unjustified claims Having looked at the possible identities of the annotators, it's time to look at the distribution of the marks they made... goto 12 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Bible
1. Bible Home Literary arguments about authorship, especially Oxfordian arguments, are easily subjectivised, stretched and exaggerated... goto 12 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Bible, Stritmatter, Shaheen
10 Worst Arguments If any anti-Stratfordian makes any of the ten arguments listed below, you can be sure you are dealing with an idiot. In the... goto 21 Nov 2017 Comments 0
Waughgrave  Alexander Waugh outlines his theory that the title page of the Aspley version of Shake-speare's Sonnets (1609... goto 24 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Waugh, Grave, Monument
John Davies of Hereford John Davies of Hereford's poem of 1610, written in the present tense to Will Shake-speare (with the hyphen six years after... goto 24 Nov 2017 Comments 0 Chronology
Unequivocal Macbeth is a Jacobean play, through and through.It celebrates the accession of James VI & I, and his descent through a... goto 24 Nov 2017 Comments 17 Chronology
Leonard Digges Leonard Digges was provably a huge Shakespeare fan and a contemporary. Famous son of a famous son, his grandfather has a... goto 25 Dec 2017 Comments 0 Digges, Folios
William Dugdale William Dugdale’s Monumental Inaccuracies and Shakespeare's Stratford Monument By Tom Reedy The funerary monument to William... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Dugdale, Monument
Hand D Comments Unusually, for Oxfraud, the Hand D comments pages are closed. We have decided to gather the comments for the series of... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 4
Hand D home Hand D belongs to one of six different individuals, five authors and one scribe, who contributed to the manuscript of Sir... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Hand D
Internal evidence Although computerised stylometric analysis has advanced considerably, modern attribution techniques are not dependent on it... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Hand D, Collaborative Work
Sir Ian McKellen - doing a bit Ian McKellen does a bit. The last actor to create a Shakespearean role.Can you doubt it? Someone should give this speech... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Sir Thomas More
Sir Thomas More - text An anonymous play of the sixteen century ascribed in part to William Shakespeare. First printed in 1844 and here re-edited... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Hand D, Sir Thomas More
Thomas Bayes and Elliott–Valenza Is “Hand D” of Sir Thomas More Shakespeare’s?Thomas Bayes and the Elliott–Valenza Authorship Tests.Macdonald P... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Hand D
Will's Handwriting Years ago, while working as a software publisher for a very large company, I was sent an unreleased graphology (handwriting... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Hand D
Hand of Damocles In the face of such methodological shortcomings, conflicting opinions, and duelling analyses, what is one to think? An... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0 Stylometry, Hand D, Chronology
The Shakespeare Authorship Question James Shapiro's book, Contested Will is an excellent history of the so-called Shakespeare Authorship Question (... goto 09 Jan 2018 Comments 0
New Front page .breadcrumb-wrap {display: none; } 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Price on Hand D We have taken the liberty of reproducing large chunks of Diana Price’s article which seems to be rebutting the content of... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
A Secretary Hand The handwriting of the Elizabethan professional writer and the Bankside playwright. The first time Richard Burbage saw the... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
An Italic Hand One the many from Oxford's Collection of Tin Mining letters in the italic hand installed on our site. Not identical but... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Spellbound Appendix Oxlets10 code { white-space: pre-wrap; } span.smallcaps { font-variant: small-caps; } div.... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0
Handwriting Home It is time to talk of Handwriting.   Oxfordians believe that Shakespeare left nothing behind. In fact, their claims... goto 14 Jan 2018 Comments 0


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