Another poll

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say. Personally I always thought it was an imitator who came up with that old saw but there is another poll on how daft the daftest Oxfordian argument is. This time it's the Oxfordians themselves running it. You can help them here.

We've had a bit of an admin holiday in May due to the need of various operators to make a living and this coincided rather inconveniently with a big spike in popularity after the site's mention in The New Statesman.

Applications for accounts hit 250 a day at one point and the CAPTCHA process lets about 30% of them through. I've done a manual sort but if you have applied for an account and received no response (and are NOT phishing or trying to sell private health insurance), please email alfa and I'll activate you. We got broad criticism for asking to account holders to identify which side of the argument they are on. However, since nearly all the spamming devices identify themselves as Shakespeareans, this process has, ironically, worked in Oxfordian's favour. I was rather disappointed that turned out not to be real.

Anyway, we're back on deck now. And things are calming down.

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