Mmmm! BACON!


Perhaps we should give some recognition for the man who, if not a "better" candidate, at least has the primacy of place: Bacon.

Before there were Oxenfraudian fantasies, there were Baconian fantasies.  A towering intellect - ground breaking and influential as a philosopher, legal scholar and scientist - pederast and keeper of Ganymedes, Francis Bacon was born in 1561 to Sir Nicholas Bacon and Anne Cooke1 Bacon (That, by the way, is my third favorite fact - or, if you prefer, Bacon Bit - about him).  He entered Trinity College at the age of 12 - and unlike some early enrolees, actually demonstrably studied.

The best among us??

Despite the oft-quoted extracts from Francis Meres and George Puttenham, no one has ever actually claimed that Oxford was a playwright outside the heated confines of the authorship debate. 

Francis Meres made one mention of Oxford in Palladis Tamia, listing Oxford as 'the best for comedy' amongst several writers, some of whom, like Dr Gager, we know little about.