No No Vulcano

Isola Vulcano was, until recently, the Oxfordian’s location of choice for Prospero’s Island.

Not much can really be concluded from isolating the actual location but Oxfordians think it’s important to tie locations to the Earl’s Italian itinerary as they suffer from the delusion that no one can describe a place they haven’t actually visted. To illustrate this, they try to look for accurate geographic details only a real visitor would have noticed.

The Gob Particle

The UniVeres is comprised of a number subatomic particles. The Looney Ogburn Boson is primarily responsible for the formation of initial mass/energy and trace elements, measured in terms of MilliVeres etc. These elements are collectively known as Stritmatter. 

Experiments in The Large Shakespeare Collider subjected Stritmatter to rigorous testing and discovered that it doesn't exist, being entirely made up of Antimatter, or dark energy.