Canon Fodder

The smoking gun, proving who did and who didn’t write Shakespeare, has been found in the hand of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

Edwards Extinguisher

Is that an authorship candidate who just bit the dust? 

Ironically, it is de Vere himself who administers the fatal shot to Oxfordian claims he was the secret and hidden true author.

Exclusive use of the transcripts of de Vere’s original letters, without adding any extraneous words, proves beyond doubt that:- 

  • He was aware of his own literary ineptitude
  • He admired and respected superior talent
  • He received help from a better educated and successful writer
  • He couldn’t afford to pay for the lessons1 but wanted more
  • He confirms recognition of his mentor’s achievement
  • He defended his idol against slurs and invented the secret code which identifies him

Cipherogratography 101

Ogburn's work on ciphers, along with Roper's and Burghstaler's, is not really all it should be. 

Like all soi-disant literary cipher-experts, they start with a desired solution and work backwards. Some will even try to connect Cardano Grills to Oxford's introduction to Bedingfield's translation of Cardanus' Comfort for extra cryptographical spice, though the codes they infer in Shakespeare's epitaphs have nothing to do with grills like the one at the right.  Oxfordian enciphering technique is simple and consistent with other branches of Oxfordian detective work. 

Here's how you do it. 

Mmmm! BACON!


Perhaps we should give some recognition for the man who, if not a "better" candidate, at least has the primacy of place: Bacon.

Before there were Oxenfraudian fantasies, there were Baconian fantasies.  A towering intellect - ground breaking and influential as a philosopher, legal scholar and scientist - pederast and keeper of Ganymedes, Francis Bacon was born in 1561 to Sir Nicholas Bacon and Anne Cooke1 Bacon (That, by the way, is my third favorite fact - or, if you prefer, Bacon Bit - about him).  He entered Trinity College at the age of 12 - and unlike some early enrolees, actually demonstrably studied.