Pyramid Scheme

The Ankerwycke Yew anckerwyke

To a novice, Oxfordian architecture seems largely based on sandcastle design.
It appears to have no substance or foundation, vulnerable to being washed flat by the next tide.
Yet there are a few Oxfordian institutions which endure.
We're going to have a look at them. First up is politicworm, for a long time the largest of the Oxfordian blogs. Run by Stephanie Hopkins Hughes, the site is a shining example of contrarian methodology. Education is a big deal for Oxfordians. We're going to look at her detailed account of Oxford's studies.

Politicworm's contribution to this hot topic turns out to be like Black Adder's pencil. Broken and pointless.

The Smithsonian thread /cont...

Authorship Threadwatch

Enjoy this. There may not be another 2,500 post thread in which almost every Oxfordian tortoise sticks their head out the shell to await the axe.

Guardian 400th Anniversary

Authorship Threadwatch
Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by Now you know what happened without having to read the comments!

Article: The Guardian view on Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary: the play’s the thing. Editorial. The editor signals the beginning of a notable year for Shakespeare. Half-hearted Oxfordians try to throw in the towel after 4 days, dodge big issues, avoid talking about poetry, Wags tries out the word 'allonymous' and some newish voices try and take Waugh's Avona out for another outing.