Sir Ian McKellen - doing a bit

Ian McKellen does a bit. The last actor to create a Shakespearean role.

Can you doubt it? Someone should give this speech at Tory Party Conferences and Republican Caucuses.

Not just Will Shakespeare but Will at or near his best.. Yet note not just the cuts but the small alterations - the single words omitted. Scripts are an ambition. Theatre is made in theatres.

I love the fact that Sir Ian is so taken with the image he creates of Will's handwriting that he looks down at his hands and sees himself reading it.

The Oxfordian response to Sir Ian's Shakespearean performance has been to say "Pish! Sir Ian could read the phone book and make it sound like Shakespeare." We don't have to rely on thought experiment to test this. Sir Ian actually recorded The Beaufort Scale, the scale used in the Maritime weather forecasts broadcast to sailors, adding in the emotion likely to have been felt by a human witness. Listen here, and decide if you want to join Oxfordians in their claim that the writing makes no difference.

Sir Thomas More - text

An anonymous play of the sixteen century ascribed in part to William Shakespeare. First printed in 1844 and here re-edited from the Harleian MS. 7368 in the British Museum.

Modern spelling.
Hand D shown in red
Further possible addition shown in blue