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31 Mar 2018 404  O hateful error, melancholy's child, Why dost thou show to the apt thoughts of men The things that are not? We're sorry, you… go to article Basic page
The Upstart Crowbar
30 Mar 2018 Tired to death There can be few topics in the Shakespeare authorship debate which have engendered as much nonsense as Robert Greene's complaint about… go to article Basic page
500 Words
30 Mar 2018 500 words…      (from Oxford's core poetical work, V&A and Hero & Leander)† Not proof of anything,… go to article Basic page
Will WAS an Actor
30 Mar 2018 Shakespeare was an actor, period. It's not a matter of dispute. David Kathman Week 3 · 9 days ago · Edited Part 1… go to article Basic page
Was Shakespeare an actor?
30 Mar 2018 A 2.1 Was Will of Stratford an Actor Mark Johnson Week 1 · a month ago Shakespeare… go to article Basic page
Manuscript Harley 7368
29 Mar 2018 The manuscript is a complicated text containing many layers of collaborative writing, revision, and censorship. Scholars of the play think that it was… go to article Basic page
Will’s Handwriting
29 Mar 2018 Reading things in Years ago, while working as a software publisher for a very large company, I was sent an unreleased graphology (handwriting analysis) app… go to article Hand D Basic page
Sir Thomas More - text
29 Mar 2018 The play's the thing Think when we talk of horses, that you see them Printing their proud hoofs i' the receiving earth; For 'tis your thoughts that now must… go to article Sir Thomas More  (1592–1604) Basic page
Dugdale's Inaccuracies
28 Mar 2018 Tom's paper on Dugdale.The funerary monument to William Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, is a typical ‘scholar monument’ of the type that… go to article Filedownload
The Isle of Mersea 1605
28 Mar 2018 The Earl translates the King James Bible in secret Another Deleted Scene from Anonymous Int. scene - description Scene: A gloomy room with small windows… go to article Basic page
The Benighted History of The Shakespeare Authorship Question
28 Mar 2018 Basic page
Ben Crabstick on Basse
28 Mar 2018 DOI:…William Basse’s Polyhymnia and the Poetry of ServiceBen Crabstick Independent Scholar (<ben.crabstick@gmx.c…>) Filedownload
Being Dodger, Episode One
28 Mar 2018 Scenes from the newly greenlighted, Pimp my Amazon Review, a six-part tale of everyday Oxfordian life.   Late at night.  Dodger is… go to article Basic page
Magri's Measurements
28 Mar 2018 Noemi Magri identifies Belmont as the Villa Foscari, a small but exquisite Palladian Villa in Malatesta (tr. headache), near Venice. Not very 'bel' and… go to article Filedownload
28 Mar 2018 ROSENCRANTZNay, their endeavour keeps in the wonted pace: butthere is, sir, an aery of children, little eyases,that cry out on the top of… go to article Basic page
Week 2 Home page
28 Mar 2018 By the end of the first week of the course, interest was already beginning to flag. The appearance of Alexander Waugh and his worn out arguments about play… go to article Basic page
The Smithsonian thread /cont...
28 Mar 2018 Authorship ThreadwatchEnjoy this. There may not be another 2,500 post thread in which almost every Oxfordian tortoise sticks their head out… go to article Filedownload
Guardian 400th Anniversary
28 Mar 2018 Authorship Threadwatch Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by Now you know what happened without having to read the… go to article Filedownload
In Memoriam
28 Mar 2018 A collection of short verses on the retirement of Oxfordians from public life. In memory of  the days when Oxfordians had the courage of their convictions… go to article Filedownload
Pub Proposition
28 Mar 2018 Anonymous: Scene:36 (Deleted) Pub interior, Eastcheap. Dark. Some years before Jonson has appeared on the scene, De Vere and his cutthroat henchmen are sitting… go to article Basic page
Beyond a Joke?
28 Mar 2018 The end is nigher We may finally be approaching the end of the Oxfordian supremacy in the authorship debate. Not a moment too soon both for people who are… go to article Basic page
The Shakespeare Forum Thread
28 Mar 2018 Excellent thread in which memebers of our parish exercised commendable restraint as the locals were raring to get at the Oxfordians after a previous thread was… go to article Filedownload
Ashland Broadcast
28 Mar 2018 A large amount of witless, Back-to-Basics, unchallenged nonsense broadcast by a bored local radio presenter. Features Ros Barber, Kevin Gilavry and Alexander… go to article Filedownload
American Library Thread
28 Mar 2018 Authorship Threadwatch Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by Now you know what happened without having to read the… go to article Filedownload
The BBC’s Hollow Crown
28 Mar 2018 In 2012, as part of the cultural element of the London Olympic Games, the BBC contributed four productions of the Plantagenet plays, Richard II, Henry IV i and… go to article Basic page
The Mysterious William Shakespeare
28 Mar 2018 A transcript of Charlton Ogburn's 1984 TV debate with the occasionally outraged and indignant Maurice Charney, then Professor of English at Rutgers… go to article Filedownload
Cry Murder! in a Small Voice
28 Mar 2018 Some of us at Oxfraud are old hands at the Authorship Question, able to judge and anticipate the opposition's every move. Others like myself, are relative… go to article Basic page
The Spanish Comedy
28 Mar 2018 When new scholarship activity nears the Shakespearean quayside, the leaky Oxfordian tugboats mass together and bleakly chug out into the tide making as much… go to article Kyd 1. Reasons
Redating The Tempest 1.
28 Mar 2018 I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll b-b-b-blow your house in! On the Date, Sources and Design of Shakespeare's The Tempest Roger A. Stritmatter & Lynne… go to article Tempest Basic page
The MOOC Matrix
25 Mar 2018  Sheet1  ------=_NextPart_01D3C456.AD21A050 Content-Location: file:///C:/217215E5/mooc-table_files/sheet001.htm Content-… go to article Basic page