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Mmmm! BACON!
4 Mar 2018 Perhaps we should give some recognition for the man who, if not a "better" candidate, at least has the primacy of place: Bacon. Before there were Oxenfraudian… go to article Marlowe 8. Better Candidates
Reason for reasons
4 Mar 2018 Can Shakespeare’s true identity be worth all the effort that has been expended on supporting all the different candidates in the authorship debate?  Well… go to article Monument 1. Reasons
Thomas Bayes and Elliott–Valenza
4 Mar 2018 Is “Hand D” of Sir Thomas More Shakespeare’s? Thomas Bayes and the Elliott–Valenza Authorship Tests. Macdonald P Jackson Briefly…… go to article Ogburn Basic page
The Countess of Pembroke
4 Mar 2018 Persuasion If I could save two of my books from a conflagration, one of them would be Persuasion by Jane Austen. One of the greatest novelists of the 19C and… go to article Titus Andronicus 8. Better Candidates
Handwriting Home
3 Mar 2018   It is time to talk of Handwriting.   Oxfordians believe that Shakespeare left nothing behind. In fact, their claims depend entirely on this being… go to article Basic page
Popular Disqus Commented articles
3 Mar 2018 Popular discussions on Disqus. We can't sort on Disqus comments as they won't release the data in integer form. So these are sorted by popularity. Basic page
3 Mar 2018 Untitled Document  Keir Cutler8 hrsI am interested in developing an argument around the ever expanding Shakespeare's collaborators theory. Does… go to article Basic page
What makes Oxfordians tick?
3 Mar 2018  ‘Explaining the authorship controversy isn’t a job for a  Shakespearean scholar: it’s a job for a pathologist’. Michael Dobson.… go to article Basic page
Testing handwriting
3 Mar 2018 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer sit amet ex dolor. Duis sed finibus erat. Curabitur dignissim mauris porta sollicitudin… go to article Article
Brave New Avon
3 Mar 2018 I. Alexander Waugh has trumpeted the Second Coming; has bespoken his morning coat, and seen the invitations tastefully engraved, a gilded boar on each.… go to article 1. Reasons
test footer
3 Mar 2018 To look only at a few of the most striking contrasts with Oxford’s orthography, take:vi. ck for k after n.In Hand D, we find banck and thanck. This pattern… go to article Basic page
Diana Price
3 Mar 2018 Diana Price's Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography (2001) [For Price's reply and my reply to her reply see below.] Diana Price knows how to put a sentence… go to article Edward III, The Comedy of Errors Basic page
Diana Price
3 Mar 2018 Diana Price's Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography (2001) [For Price's reply and my reply to her reply see below.] Diana Price knows how to put a sentence… go to article Edward III, The Comedy of Errors Basic page
Richard Hunt
2 Mar 2018 Richard Hunt was the vicar of Bishop's Inchington (yes there is such a place) near Stratford-Upon-Avon. He was born around 1596 and is famous for precisely… go to article Basic page
Declaration of Reasonable Elimination
2 Mar 2018 Problems The three central problems for Stratfordians are: Oxfordians do not have a coherent case to defend. There is no overall summary or manifesto… go to article Article
J. Thomas Looney
2 Mar 2018   J. Thomas Looney, born into a humble background, was a school teacher in the not very stylish and remote, highly unfashionable town of Gateshead.… go to article Basic page
Where have all the Oxies gone?
2 Mar 2018 Leading Oxfordians seem to have disappeared from public debate. Where are they hiding? What can they be plotting? First Oxfordian By the pricking of my… go to article Article
John Davies of Hereford
2 Mar 2018 Conclusive contemporary reference John Davies of Hereford's poem of 1610, written in the present tense to Will Shake-speare (with the hyphen six years after… go to article Court Matters Basic page
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1 Mar 2018 Basic page
Jonathan Swift
27 Feb 2018 Jonathan Swift, like any brilliant satirist, centuries ahead of his time, discusses Oxfordian Scholarship techniques in Chapter V of Gulliver's Travels. We… go to article Basic page
Mark Twain
27 Feb 2018 Mark Twain is the authorship debate's top poster boy. Famous, funny and universally well-regarded, possibly even the author of the semi-mythical Great American… go to article Basic page
Were plays written by courtiers?
27 Feb 2018 Article
Logan Pearsall Smith
27 Feb 2018 Hit. Nail. Head. On Reading Shakespeare In one of his letters Henry James describes how ignobly fond he had become as he grew older of not travelling ; ‘to… go to article Basic page
Ben Jonson
27 Feb 2018 Principal Ben Jonson wrote a famous and extensive verse introduction to the Preface to Shakespeare's First Folio. It wasn't the first compliment he paid to… go to article Sir Thomas More Basic page
William Basse
27 Feb 2018 William Basse was a poet and a member of the servant class who first comes to the attention of historians and students of language in 1602, when Basse… go to article Henry VI ii Basic page
Glove-maker’s son?
21 Feb 2018 Yes. Could a mere glove-maker’s son have written the works of Shakespeare? Oxfordians will fervently deny claims of snobbery when posing this question.… go to article Article
Why pick Oxford?
21 Feb 2018 Why pick on the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere? So why has the 17th Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere, conquered Bacon, Marlowe, Derby and more than 100… go to article Article
How many Shakespeares would you like?
21 Feb 2018 To explain the direct references to Shakespeare, the man we know, the man who came from Stratford and wrote the famous will, there had to be someone called… go to article Article
19 Feb 2018 403 Not allowed. You don't have the rights for that page. I hope you're not doing anything naughty. Try starting again from… go to article Basic page
Books - 1 Samuel
16 Feb 2018 Summary The childless Hannah vows to Yahweh of hosts that if she has a son, he will be dedicated to him. Eli, the priest of … go to article Basic page