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14 Feb 2018 Oxford is almost a stranger to the basic poetic building block of metaphor. The few he uses in his poetry and writing are clichéd and formulaic. Shakespeare is… go to article 1. Reasons
Hidebound academia
14 Feb 2018 The authorative work on Oxford and his contemporaries at the court of Elizabeth is The Elizabethan Courtier Poets by Professor Steven May, one of the very few… go to article 1. Reasons
Handy Hand D
14 Feb 2018 Hand D, the fragment of lost play Sir Thomas More, thought to be in Shakespeare's handwriting, is in the news again. Professor Douglas Bruster, of the… go to article 1. Reasons
Looney Tunes
14 Feb 2018 In his famous thesis, Roger Stritmatter joins Thomas J Looney in the First Article of the Oxfordian Credo which detects similarity between the work of the Bard… go to article 1. Reasons
The Writer Who Wasn't There
14 Feb 2018  Nobody Claimed Oxford Wrote The Canon (until about the 20th century at least). This is probably the single most important piece of evidence against the… go to article 1. Reasons
Money Money Money
14 Feb 2018 “By Shakespeare's time the possibilities for a politically critical drama had been transformed by the emergence of professional repertory companies which… go to article 1. Reasons
Call yourself a playwright
14 Feb 2018 Oxfordians make much of the fact that there are no letters written by Shakespeare as if the fact that the 70 letters of Oxford's which survive give him… go to article 1. Reasons
Covell Conspiracy
14 Feb 2018 Revving it up Reverend William Covell’s Wikipedia entry states that he “took part in the controversy about how far the newly-reformed Church… go to article 1. Reasons
Can't write when you're dead
14 Feb 2018 The choice of an alternative candidate for the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays would seem be limited to people who were alive when they were written.Oxford… go to article 1. Reasons
What's the leklywhode?
14 Feb 2018 Oxford's spelling was idiosyncratic, even for an Elizabethan. He almost always wrote "lek" for like, in all its forms: "misleke," "leklywhodes," and "lekwise… go to article 1. Reasons
Henry V Part 2
14 Feb 2018 A little touch of Henry in the Night It's hard to understand why Oxfordians try to tie the plays to familiar biographical landmarks when the most astonishing… go to article 1. Reasons
Greene with envy
14 Feb 2018 Robert Greene was one of the first professional writers in England. A grammar school boy, of course, (no enrolment records, of course), six years Shakespeare's… go to article 1. Reasons
I am not a lawyer
14 Feb 2018 Another key assumption found in all Oxfordian argument is that the plays contain detailed knowledge of the law, which could only have been gained by study and… go to article 1. Reasons
Painful Pericles
14 Feb 2018 The Painful Predicament of Pericles (for Oxfordians) Pericles is often seen as the runt of Shakespeare's litter. Although apparently popular with contemporary… go to article 1. Reasons
Dealing with bereavement
14 Feb 2018 For people to do things, in the real world, they have to be alive to do them. That may seem like too simple a platitude for a complex argument but Oxfordians… go to article 1. Reasons
Thumb in the balance
14 Feb 2018 When issues are based on a balance of probabilities  you can always find an Oxfordian thumb pressed hard on one side of the scales, tilting the… go to article 1. Reasons
Prince Tudor and the Sonnets
14 Feb 2018 A Factual Desert. Biographical and autobiographical readings of Shakespeare’s sonnets feature on both sides of the authorship debate. In… go to article 1. Reasons
The great Globe itself...
14 Feb 2018 Shakespeare wrote not only for the theatre, but for different theatres. In 1609, the King's Men began playing at the Blackfriars—indoors and upscale—in the… go to article 1. Reasons
Fitting up
14 Feb 2018 A key part of the Oxfordians theory is that the work which we know was circulated and published in his name, and is therefore indisputably his own, is… go to article 1. Reasons
14 Feb 2018 In a Good Oxfordian/Bad Oxfordian chapter of his book, William Farina willingly ignores the Oxfordian dating argument and goes out of his way to accept… go to article 1. Reasons
The best among us??
14 Feb 2018 Despite the oft-quoted extracts from Francis Meres and George Puttenham, no one has ever actually claimed that Oxford was a playwright outside the heated… go to article 1. Reasons
Blue suede shoes
14 Feb 2018 Is the work of the early Elvis Presley, making recordings for Sun Records in the mid-50's, distinguishable from the work of the same singer in his recorded… go to article 1. Reasons
Canopies and litters
14 Feb 2018 Sonnet 125, reproduced in its entirety below, begins 'Were 't aught to me I bore the canopy,'. Naturally, Oxfordians claim that Oxford, as an aristocrat, bore… go to article 1. Reasons
Royal sendoff
14 Feb 2018 In 1603 Oxford, having dissipated his own large fortune, was unable to live on the money he had from two marriages into wealthy families and the pensions he… go to article 1. Reasons
Drink to me
14 Feb 2018 While they were both alive, Ben Jonson clearly felt a sense of rivalry with his fellow playwright. As an artist, Will not only outsold him at the box office… go to article 1. Reasons
Is this a dagger?
14 Feb 2018 Gabriel Harvey had a similar background to Will. He was a scholar and writer, born at Saffron Walden, Essex, the eldest son of Alice (d. 1613) and John… go to article 1. Reasons
Signature moves
14 Feb 2018 MacShakespeare and his fellow playwrights all had different styles. Their verse, vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, imagery, phrasing and ideas can be… go to article 1. Reasons
Rhyme and reason
14 Feb 2018 Oxford's spoken and written English, rather than similar, was very different from Shakespeare's. Oxford rhymes “was” with “case” and “face” with “glass”.… go to article 1. Reasons
Company of players
14 Feb 2018 Oxford was a patron of a theatre troupe. It wasn't a very distinguished theatre troupe and mostly toured the provinces. However, any theatre sponsorship in the… go to article 1. Reasons
The Golding Variations
14 Feb 2018 The myth of Oxford as a child prodigy and polymath is utterly unfounded. The film has him writing A Midsummer Night's Dream at about age ten, at a… go to article 1. Reasons