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14 Feb 2018 A tricky one, this. Whatever you make of the plausibility of Oxford's reasons for not putting his name on the plays, his reasons for not putting his name on… go to article 1. Reasons
Ministering propaganda
14 Feb 2018 Some Oxfordian enthusiasts, after discovering that he wrote Shakespeare's work, are not content to leave it at that. Tying Oxford to Shakespeare using Oxford's… go to article 1. Reasons
Time and Tide
14 Feb 2018 Alexander Waugh returns forcefully to the subject of sailing to Verona. In the latest rearrangement of Shakespeare Authorship Coalition Essays, published in… go to article 1. Reasons
Tin Ear
14 Feb 2018 Fully a third of Oxford's surviving letters are taken up with his campaign to hold the Crown's monopoly on Cornish tin-mines. You might call it an obsession.… go to article 1. Reasons
Henry V Part 1
14 Feb 2018 Oxford didn't write Henry V. There are three distilled essences of Shakespeare in Henry V. Each is individually an anathema to the idea that they were written… go to article 1. Reasons
The stigma of anonymity
14 Feb 2018 There would have to be a reason, and a good one, for not putting your name on the world's finest body of artistic work. And there isn't. Those who believe… go to article 1. Reasons
Not Ed
14 Feb 2018 Oxfordians claim the sonnets published as SHAKE-SPEARE’S SONNETS fit the life story of the Earl of Oxford better than they fit the life story of William… go to article 1. Reasons
The talk of the town
14 Feb 2018 Another inconsistent claim made by Oxfordians is that the Earl of Oxford was highly rated as a playwright and author by his contemporaries. Yet once again, the… go to article 1. Reasons
Writing on the Wall
14 Feb 2018 One of the features of a number of martial arts is that they rely, not on ones own strength but on turning one's opponents strength against them. Similarly,… go to article 1. Reasons
14 Feb 2018 While flicking through my pictures of the Mid-West, I came across the bright colours you see here on a very dull day. In Mitchell, South Dakota, there is… go to article 1. Reasons
Je n'accuse pas
14 Feb 2018 No-one said he wrote plays. De Vere, in his long and colourful life, made many enemies and was involved in numerous lawsuits. Yet neither any of his friends,… go to article 1. Reasons
Putting a lid on it
14 Feb 2018 'So does recreating 17th century seating and atmosphere allow any similar revelations about the text? On the basis of The Duchess of Malfi, the main discovery… go to article 1. Reasons
What's in a name?
14 Feb 2018 Two 'E's, Or Not Two 'E's That is the question Oxfordians make much of the different spelling of Will’s name though the significance of… go to article 1. Reasons
Premier League
14 Feb 2018 One area where we know De Vere excelled, to which he devoted a lot of his time, encompasses all the manly sports such as fencing and tilting. The inky,… go to article 1. Reasons
Looney Tunes
14 Feb 2018 In his famous thesis, Roger Stritmatter joins Thomas J Looney in the First Article of the Oxfordian Credo which detects similarity between the work of the Bard… go to article 1. Reasons
Like . . . something or other
14 Feb 2018 Oxford is almost a stranger to the basic poetic building block of metaphor. The few he uses in his poetry and writing are clichéd and formulaic. Shakespeare is… go to article 1. Reasons
Hidebound academia
14 Feb 2018 The authorative work on Oxford and his contemporaries at the court of Elizabeth is The Elizabethan Courtier Poets by Professor Steven May, one of the very few… go to article 1. Reasons
Handy Hand D
14 Feb 2018 Hand D, the fragment of lost play Sir Thomas More, thought to be in Shakespeare's handwriting, is in the news again. Professor Douglas Bruster, of the… go to article 1. Reasons
Call yourself a playwright
14 Feb 2018 Oxfordians make much of the fact that there are no letters written by Shakespeare as if the fact that the 70 letters of Oxford's which survive give him… go to article 1. Reasons
Covell Conspiracy
14 Feb 2018 Revving it up Reverend William Covell’s Wikipedia entry states that he “took part in the controversy about how far the newly-reformed Church… go to article 1. Reasons
Can't write when you're dead
14 Feb 2018 The choice of an alternative candidate for the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays would seem be limited to people who were alive when they were written.Oxford… go to article 1. Reasons
The Writer Who Wasn't There
14 Feb 2018  Nobody Claimed Oxford Wrote The Canon (until about the 20th century at least). This is probably the single most important piece of evidence against the… go to article 1. Reasons
Money Money Money
14 Feb 2018 “By Shakespeare's time the possibilities for a politically critical drama had been transformed by the emergence of professional repertory companies which… go to article 1. Reasons
What's the leklywhode?
14 Feb 2018 Oxford's spelling was idiosyncratic, even for an Elizabethan. He almost always wrote "lek" for like, in all its forms: "misleke," "leklywhodes," and "lekwise… go to article 1. Reasons
Henry V Part 2
14 Feb 2018 A little touch of Henry in the Night It's hard to understand why Oxfordians try to tie the plays to familiar biographical landmarks when the most astonishing… go to article 1. Reasons
Greene with envy
14 Feb 2018 Robert Greene was one of the first professional writers in England. A grammar school boy, of course, (no enrolment records, of course), six years Shakespeare's… go to article 1. Reasons
14 Feb 2018 "Judging from their surviving writing, Shakespeare was not just 100 times better than Oxford, he was also 80 times more productive. Shakespeare wrote… go to article Court Matters, Pseudonym 1. Reasons
No No Vulcano
14 Feb 2018 Isola Vulcano was, until recently, the Oxfordian’s location of choice for Prospero’s Island. Not much can really be concluded from isolating the actual… go to article vietnamese, cyrillic 1. Reasons
Verona again!
14 Feb 2018 It is highly unlikely that whoever wrote The Merchant of Venice and Two Gentlemen of Verona had spent any time in Venice, a city with a number of unique… go to article vietnamese 1. Reasons
14 Feb 2018 Hours, weeks, even months have been spent arguing about Proteus and Portia's route-planning and what its accuracy or inaccuracy reveals. The first thing to say… go to article vietnamese 1. Reasons