Oxfraud Newsletter 1

Dontcha hate newsletters?

It's the simplest way to send out an email to the whole userlist, which I'll do at the end of August after a bit of a revamp. I would like to make the site a bit cleaner and more modern looking and have a more visually interesting front page. I could even go as far as changing overall template for a similar, but smarter one. All ideas and input welcome.

So this isn't really a newsletter, it's really just a newsletter test which has gone out to contributors only and hopefully hasn't wrecked anyone's account or upset anything.

There are some dedicated people out there. Someone logged onto the site last night and read pretty much every page without a break. It took 3 hours and 28 minutes and bumped our 'Average time on site to over 20 minutes from 18.5', which is way high. There's some news for you.