Let's see if we can manage this. A proportional, fully-transferrable, weighted-ranking poll. That'll teach those pesky Oxfordians not to tinker promiscuously with us high-tech Strats, spitting in the face of democracy and The American Way. Now if only I could find out where this red wire goes…

Simply drag the options into your choice of order, silliest at the top.

Email us with any additional sophistries and foolishness that might merit consideration. Anything you send will be incorporated in the poll at the discretion of the site managers. 

Results are displayed after voting in a grouped Borda histogram, whatever that means. If you know, do write in and explain, remembering to put the words 'SPAM-FILTER-GRAB-ME' in the title field of your email. You can vote once this month and again next month when there may be more options. Psephologists agree that if Parliament was this flexible there would be no need for the Lib Dems.