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A W Pollard

A W Pollard by Frank Brook. The British Library. Click on the link below to download Pdf of the CUP 1923 edition of Pollard's book, Shakespeare's Hand in The Play of Sir Thomas More. Pdf of the CUP 1923 edition of Pollard… go to article

American Library Thread

Authorship Threadwatch Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by Now you know what happened without having to read the comments! ARTICLE:  Shakespeare’s “Infinite Book of Secrecy… go to article

Ashland Broadcast

A large amount of witless, Back-to-Basics, unchallenged nonsense broadcast by a bored local radio presenter. Features Ros Barber, Kevin Gilavry and Alexander Waugh all dialled up to 11 in pre-conference fervour.

Dugdale’s Inaccuracies

Tom's paper on Dugdale. The funerary monument to William Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-on-Avon, is a typical ‘scholar monument’ of the type that developed in the late-16th century which was popular for memorializing… go to article

Guardian 400th Anniversary

Authorship Threadwatch Two-Tweet synopsis for the uninitiated provided by Now you know what happened without having to read the comments! Article: The Guardian view on Shakespeare’s 400th… go to article

In Memoriam

A collection of short verses on the retirement of Oxfordians from public life. In memory of  the days when Oxfordians had the courage of their convictions and went about in public to argue their cause. go to article

Magri's Measurements

Noemi Magri identifies Belmont as the Villa Foscari, a small but exquisite Palladian Villa in Malatesta (tr. headache), near Venice. Not very 'bel' and certainly no sign of a 'mont' but Magri insists that it is exactly 10 miles away,… go to article

New Chronology

The latest chronology, included Bruster final predictions and Tarlinskaja's latest. Big Data crushing the life out of alternative chronology.  go to article

Newsweek PDF

A searchable, annotatable pdf of the recent Newsweek article debate with all 1750 comments. Since finding things on the site is distinctly tricky and FB doesn't seem to want to store such a big file, it deserves a permanent place here as a… go to article

Ogburn 80s Broadcast

Firing Line HOST:WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY JR. MAURICE CHARNEY CHARLTON OGBURN "THE MYSTERIOUS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE" This is a transcript of the Firing Line program taped in New York City on December 11, 1984, and telecast later by PBS

The Mysterious William Shakespeare

A transcript of Charlton Ogburn's 1984 TV debate with the occasionally outraged and indignant Maurice Charney, then Professor of English at Rutgers University. "Mr. Ogburn [and other Oxfordians]... don't really like the author… go to article

The Shakespeare Forum Thread

Excellent thread in which memebers of our parish exercised commendable restraint as the locals were raring to get at the Oxfordians after a previous thread was deleted.Heartfelt posts from actors who believe that Shakespeare shared their… go to article

The Smithsonian Folio Tour Thread

Authorship Threadwatch Another longish thread in which no questions get answered. Notable only for the latest tactic of fielding Kamikaze Novice Oxfordians like cc and Bob. The untrained combatants try to peddle… go to article

The Smithsonian thread /cont...

Authorship ThreadwatchEnjoy this. There may not be another 2,500 post thread in which almost every Oxfordian tortoise sticks their head out the shell to await the axe.There is discussion of Hand D, in which Oxfordians… go to article