A searchable, annotatable pdf of the recent Newsweek article debate with all 1750 comments. Since finding things on the site is distinctly tricky and FB doesn't seem to want to store such a big file, it deserves a permanent place here as a monument to abject Oxfordian argument and the death of their claims to understand evidence. The text is copiable, even when, on the odd page boundary, lines appear to be split horizontally.

It demonstrates quite conclusively that not a single Oxfordian was able to show how any of their alleged coincidences actually qualified as circumstantial evidence [they can’t establish the necessary, logical, inferential process whereby they get from their premises to a valid conclusion]. Since they already admit that they don’t have any direct evidence for their theory, it now appears that they have no evidence at all — at least, any of the kind that would be accepted in a legal case. Wells should perhaps take them up on that trial.