Alexander Waugh outlines his theory that the title page of the Aspley version of Shake-speare's Sonnets (1609), combined with the dedication of same, tell us where the true author of those sonnets is buried.  Filmed at the Shakespearean Authorship Trust conference, October 29th 2017. You can watch alongside the commentary by loading the video in an adjacent separate window. Click on this link.


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SAT Conference 2017 - Alexander Waugh - A Grave Problem 2

00:00 I've had to do the same thing as well
00:01 and take it off of the keynote software
00:03 and put it onto a software that is alien
00:05 to me and it means certain things will
00:07 come out as they did with Roz is wrong I
00:09 suspect it will put me off more than it
00:11 will put you off but I'll try and just
00:13 keep the show on the road
00:14 now I noticed that quite a lot of hands
00:16 went up at the very beginning saying
00:18 that you weren't here last year last
00:21 year I gave a talk this is essentially
00:23 part two of that talk called
00:25 Shakespeare's grave problem and in an
00:28 absolute nutshell because I don't spend
00:29 too long on this the speech I gave is
00:32 available is it not on the SAT website
00:35 so if anyone's interested they can
00:36 revisit it in a nutshell I basically
00:39 pointed out various reasons why it was
00:40 completely impossible that anyone let
00:43 alone Shakespeare or Shaq spur or anyone
00:45 at all was buried in the Stratford grave
00:46 and I also pointed out that this which I
00:49 think most of you will recognize as the
00:51 epitaph on the monument in Holy Trinity
00:54 Church stratford-upon-avon this contains
00:56 a riddle which basically says in this
00:59 Monument read if you can whom envious
01:01 death hath placed with Shakespeare in
01:03 other words work out by reading this
01:05 monument whose Shakespeare's buried with
01:07 and up there you have three names
01:08 pillion socrata m-- and Marrone m and
01:11 these are respective allusions to
01:15 Frances Bowmont Geoffrey Chaucer and
01:18 Spencer I won't go into all of that now
01:20 it's on that film please revisit it if
01:23 you're curious but what it's basically
01:24 telling you is Shakespeare is buried
01:26 with those three characters in that
01:28 order they are buried in Westminster
01:30 Abbey in Poets Corner so what I'm going
01:34 to show you today in this part two is
01:36 what I've discovered since giving that
01:38 talk and I think it's a really
01:40 spectacular corroboration of this not am
01:43 I only going to corroborate the fact
01:45 that he is in Poets Corner I'm going to
01:47 show you the exact spot within Poets
01:49 Corner where Shakespeare's buried and
01:52 it's encrypted so that means I want you
01:54 all to have your most skeptical hats on
01:57 I want you to think every single thing I
02:00 show you I know what you think it's
02:01 rubbish but I want you to think oh
02:03 that's just a coincidence that's just a
02:04 coincidence and quietly to yourselves
02:05 count up the amount of coincidences on
02:08 your fingers and then remember when you
02:10 get to the mathematics of it to
02:12 calculate
02:13 senses the the mathematics is
02:15 exponential so you'll have to have huge
02:17 calculators are going to the zillions
02:18 right now the only thing I want you to
02:20 look at here which I hadn't noticed last
02:22 time is in that little corner can you
02:25 see four T's T's four T's TTT si not
02:29 gonna tell you what they are at the
02:30 moment I just want you to look at them
02:32 for one second and think about them it's
02:33 going to become evident what we're
02:36 talking about now we're going to need a
02:38 tiny bit of background I'm sorry but you
02:40 won't understand anything if we don't
02:42 have background I know the Bakke onehans
02:43 are amongst us will be probably ahead of
02:46 the rest of us in terms of understanding
02:48 the importance of cryptology to the
02:52 jacobi things but also the importance of
02:56 a certain branch of a christian hermetic
02:59 philosophy someone already this evening
03:02 I think it was you wasn't it mentioned
03:05 Giordano Bruno there's someone called
03:09 Cornelius von nettlesome john d in
03:13 england it was a very very important
03:17 movement quite secretive movement of
03:19 intellectual thinkers and I'm just going
03:22 to give you the very very basis of their
03:24 philosophy because it's patently obvious
03:26 when I show you this encryption that
03:28 it's these guys who are doing it the
03:30 very basis of their philosophy is simple
03:32 it says that God is indivisible from his
03:36 creation in other words everything he is
03:39 created that's the universe and every
03:40 single thing in it is part of God
03:43 himself now to get close to God to get
03:46 to what we call the eternal life you
03:48 have to learn and by learning and
03:50 studying what is in this world you get
03:53 closer to God since everything in this
03:55 world is a part of God so this obsession
03:57 with learning which we see in a lot of
03:59 these people Francis Bacon of course and
04:01 I think William Shakespeare this
04:03 absolute obsession with learning is to
04:04 do with getting closer to God okay
04:07 how does this work out I'm gonna give
04:08 you a very very simple crash course
04:10 there is the letter i' i of course we
04:14 know means me obviously that also
04:17 actually stands for jesus you remember
04:19 there was no j generally speaking in
04:22 latin that's a zeus and of course adds
04:24 an Roman numeral it is the
04:26 number one this we all recognize as the
04:29 Roman numeral which is number ten it is
04:32 also in Greek it is the Chi and the Chi
04:36 is the first initial of Christ or
04:39 Christos so if we were to put those two
04:42 together easy-peasy
04:44 we have the number nine in Roman
04:46 numerals nine and the I and the X which
04:49 of course the initials of jaysus
04:51 Christo's Jesus Christ 9 therefore have
04:54 this great interesting significance is a
04:56 number many of you might have seen that
04:58 that is known as the iota Kai Christo
05:02 Graham it's got the initials of Jesus
05:04 Christ and you'll find it on many
05:06 ancient Christian monuments much more
05:09 famous is that I'm sure everybody in
05:10 this room has seen it I've just come
05:12 back from Rome where I saw it on pretty
05:14 well every single grave in the churches
05:17 of Rome it's known as the Cairo Krista
05:20 Graham and you can already see how it's
05:22 got the iota and the Chi that's yeezus
05:25 Christ and what looks like a pea if you
05:27 don't know your Greek that p is not
05:28 appear to row so it's an R and therefore
05:31 it is the first three letters of
05:34 Christos Christ so it's a symbol of
05:36 Christ and it will first appeared on the
05:39 scene at the Battle of Midian bridge
05:41 when Constantine saw it had PIFAN e up
05:44 in the sky and he said in hoc Signo
05:47 Vinces in this sign you will conquer he
05:51 said to his troops he saw the sign of
05:54 Christ and then and they were cross
05:55 great sign of Christianity now in this
05:59 sign you'll conquer in hoc Signo you see
06:03 how that's the initials in hoc Signo and
06:05 prepared to lay all the money there is
06:07 there isn't a single person in this room
06:08 who doesn't recognize I H s as a symbol
06:11 of Christ first three letters of yeas or
06:14 sin Greek iota capital eater Sigma Y a
06:18 Zeus and of course it stands for in hoc
06:20 Signo now don't panic please when things
06:24 when things stand for more than one
06:27 thing because that's exactly the point
06:30 the point that these people are making
06:32 are the God was the grand architect of
06:35 the universe he designed the whole
06:37 universe using none
06:39 and geometry and when one thing equals
06:42 Christ and it also equals something else
06:44 that's a cause of great celebration and
06:46 excitement it's proof of the whole
06:48 workings of God to these people not me
06:50 necessarily but to them so as us right
06:53 let's keep going okay we all recognize
06:55 that that's the matches are the rubbing
06:57 of the of the tomb in
06:59 stratford-upon-avon so the first thing
07:01 you can see there's a huge capital I and
07:03 yes it does also it's the eye of yeezus
07:05 but it's also a number one and if you
07:07 bother to count that it comes to 17 and
07:09 you open up a whole encryption there
07:10 which I am NOT going to go into today
07:12 what I want to lose look at is this TTT
07:15 can you see it in a vertical column
07:17 there now what does that mean TTT a
07:22 little T it's very obvious a little
07:24 normal lowercase T is the same as across
07:27 the Christian cross well some of you
07:29 might not know is a capital T known as a
07:32 tau is the Tau cross and then a long
07:34 time ago Jesus was supposed to have been
07:37 crucified on the Tau cross and you see
07:40 lots and lots and lots of older pictures
07:42 where it is a T not the Roman cross at
07:44 the top now we're in an age where people
07:47 are obsessed with numbers and the
07:49 relevance of numbers to other things so
07:52 what number is represented by T which is
07:56 the symbol of Jesus that crucified
07:58 Christ well they're kind of pretty
08:00 obvious isn't it
08:01 three it's got three points so in that
08:04 one symbol you've got the crucified
08:06 cross which is T and you've got a symbol
08:09 of three the three and one see how
08:11 exciting it is to these people I hope
08:12 you're getting into the excitement of
08:14 the Elizabethan mind oh we love the T
08:17 because it represents the singular
08:19 crucified Christ and it represents the
08:22 Trinity now we saw three T's in a row on
08:25 that thing what does that mean three
08:27 times three three threes are nine jaysus
08:32 Cristo you see how this the wonderful
08:34 mystery of the the the the Trinity is
08:37 opening up with this extraordinary
08:39 symbol one T one T is the crucified
08:42 Christ it is also the Trinity look what
08:45 three years III Jesus Jesus Jesus three
08:48 of them it's also Jesus who ever you go
08:50 it's Jesus excitement excitement to
08:51 those who
08:52 this sort of thing now so much
08:55 excitement in fact and that's the first
08:57 Bott botch up of the new thing that that
08:59 should be a very sacred symbol called
09:01 the triple tau or triple tau shouldn't
09:04 have that crack in it that's the
09:05 software doing that so I apologize the
09:09 triple tau also known as the Clovis add
09:11 fess sorum the key to the treasures and
09:14 it is a sacred symbol going right back
09:17 before Christianity but is also used by
09:20 the people we're talking about and once
09:22 again isn't it exciting it stands for
09:24 more than one thing th templum here
09:27 Russo Lima which is the Temple of
09:29 Jerusalem
09:30 so you see you get the T and what should
09:33 be an H underneath it why is that
09:36 exciting the Temple of Jerusalem was
09:38 from thousands of years to believed to
09:40 be the very center of the earth in the
09:42 Bible it was built by God it was God's
09:44 house Baconian ZnO perfectly well
09:46 amongst us in these new atlantis where
09:49 he talks about a secret knowledge group
09:50 who's whose task is to discover the
09:53 creation of God and they're known as
09:55 Salomon's house in Solomon's house the
09:58 templates in there but of course this is
10:00 why it's so exciting is not only as a
10:02 unified God and the ancients but yes
10:04 it's the crucified Christ in the center
10:07 with the two thieves on either side a
10:08 cowl great so you get that double thing
10:11 we've got Jesus
10:12 United with the Temple of Jerusalem and
10:14 God right her
10:16 that's your short that's your short
10:18 canter through background and I hope
10:19 you've just understood enough of it and
10:21 this is where we're going to find all
10:24 this extraordinary about Shakespeare's
10:26 burial in the sonnets only in the
10:29 absolute edition not the other one the
10:31 right edition 1609 this is a pamphlet of
10:34 40 pages 40 leaves keep that little
10:37 thing in mind forties little themes
10:39 gonna come back okay that's the first
10:42 that's the title page and there's the
10:44 second page which is all of you I think
10:46 know it the utterly beguiling utterly
10:49 mystifying dedication to the sonnet mr.
10:53 Fang didn't seem to make much sense the
10:55 well-wishing and vent wisheth the
10:57 well-wishing adventure what the hell's
10:59 that about who's TT I'm not actually
11:01 going to go into any great length into
11:03 what it means as we see it there
11:05 we're simply going to turn it upside
11:06 down in something called a transposition
11:10 cipher which is very common in those
11:11 days now first thing we need a key
11:16 I don't know if anyone here has read an
11:18 extremely important seminal book called
11:21 the Shakespeare ciphers examined written
11:24 in 1957 by two people called Friedman
11:26 these people decrypted the Japanese
11:29 codes during the war have become great
11:31 American heroes they say that it is
11:34 extremely important in a cipher that you
11:37 have a key and the key must be applied
11:40 absolutely rigidly so that only one
11:44 possible answer only one possible
11:47 outcome happens you can't just you know
11:51 especially you're juggling around with
11:52 letters you have to have a key otherwise
11:53 everybody says only look it says this it
11:55 says that so what's the key actually the
11:57 key is staring us right in the face
11:59 what do we got there three triangles
12:02 nobody has ever properly explained why
12:04 that has been set as three triangles or
12:06 three trick it's reversed as they were
12:07 called in early modern English yes
12:11 obviously a triangle is a symbol of
12:13 three and not only that as we all know a
12:16 triangle is a symbol of Trinity because
12:17 it's a 1 and a 3 3 angles is not called
12:20 a triangle for nothing Triss in greek
12:23 trace in Latin 3 obviously in English
12:26 TTT and we all know that three threes
12:28 are nine yes we're back to Jesus Christ
12:31 again if you want to get away from
12:32 numbers and think more in terms of
12:34 letters what letters do these upside
12:36 down triangles represent I'd say they're
12:38 pretty obvious Levy's what the hell is
12:40 that Christ said I am the way I am the
12:44 truth and I am the life that he probably
12:47 didn't even say it in Latin he said in
12:49 Aramaic but it was best known in Latin
12:51 Eggos some via I got some Veritas it
12:55 goes from Vita name-o
12:57 Vania tat para Missy pair may nobody
13:00 comes to the Father except through me
13:03 v V V which is interpreted by Calvin a
13:07 lot of other people as to mean I am the
13:10 beginning and the middle and the end so
13:13 what does that mean it means when you're
13:15 born you have the way the
13:16 and through various which means truth
13:19 and knowledge it doesn't just mean truth
13:22 about who Jesus is it means the truth of
13:24 learning and discovery as I said because
13:27 you're then getting closer to God and
13:29 that by that you'll get the eternal life
13:31 so this is one of Jesus's very famous I
13:33 am statements I am the life I am the
13:36 truth I am the thing so I am I am I am
13:39 yes obviously that means that's Jesus
13:40 too and of course it goes without saying
13:42 if you put the visa on top of the t's
13:44 and you've got your upside-down
13:45 triangles anyway so here basically is
13:48 the key that is the key to the
13:50 encryption we're going to see what do
13:52 you mean that's the key TTT how can that
13:54 be the key the key is something that
13:56 validates the key is something that
13:59 tells you that what you've found in an
14:01 encryption is true or it is not true so
14:04 how does TTT work to validate anything
14:07 well just think of it I think the best
14:09 way to understand this is think of the
14:11 key as a real literal key you hold in
14:14 your hand and you shove it in the lock
14:16 and you turn it it doesn't open the door
14:19 don't it once you turn it twice then
14:21 live in the door you turn it three times
14:23 and there's a click and the door opens
14:25 this is what we're going to see tea tea
14:28 tea every single thing I'm about to show
14:31 you is not valid unless one it is
14:35 repeated three times tea tea tea just
14:38 like that or it is three times endorsed
14:42 by Christ tea tea tea so that's how
14:46 we're going to go forward and we are
14:47 going to obey that key rigidly and
14:50 you'll see that there's only one
14:51 solution that can come out of it now
14:53 okay we've got the key we also need some
14:55 rules which I've come to in a second
14:56 first of all many of you I suspect
14:59 particularly the Oxford Ian's among us
15:01 will will know that John Rowlett the
15:03 late John Rowlett wonderful scientist
15:05 clever man looked at those triangles as
15:08 it were that's interesting the first one
15:09 six lines long the second ones two lines
15:11 long and the third triangle is four
15:14 lines long six to four that made some ox
15:18 for diems quite excited because the
15:21 letters of Edward de Vere sounds like a
15:24 bit of a six two four and others thought
15:26 that's also quite interesting because
15:30 six of June the 24th of June 6 to 4 in
15:33 other words June the 24th Edward de Vere
15:35 died and we've seen some people saying
15:37 oh that's interesting this this shape
15:39 looks a bit like a funerary urn not sure
15:42 it does myself but I've heard people
15:43 saying in now more interesting than that
15:46 is what Rowlett said is look you look
15:48 how all these words are demarcated by
15:50 dots and hyphens so what happens if you
15:53 count the words demarcated by dots and
15:56 hyphens in the order 6 to 4 so let's
16:00 start 1 2 3 4 5 6 these 1 2 sonnets 1 2 16:06 3 4 all 1 2 3 4 5 6 by 1 getting
16:12 exciting it all by 1 2 ever
16:18 mmm 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 4 1 2 T well ox
16:29 forward Oxford Ian's were initially
16:31 excited when this was discovered as I
16:33 say it's about 15 years ago because
16:35 these sonnets all by ever sounds a bit
16:37 like eveer you know it did spell it like
16:40 that sometimes or it's an anagram of vir
16:42 but they weren't very happy about the
16:44 4th Tooting to make no sense whatsoever
16:46 and so on the whole Oxford ins didn't
16:49 push this too far I'll just ask you now
16:52 to see to see if anyone's concentrating
16:55 is is that is that valid is that a valid
16:58 is that a valid anyone no no no it's not
17:05 valid guys you've got a positive you've
17:08 got to concentrate the key the key is T
17:11 TT ok that means anything I say it's got
17:14 to be repeated three times or it's got
17:17 to be endorsed three times by Christ and
17:19 that does not happen
17:20 I'm not saying forget it I'm just saying
17:22 it's not at this stage valid if I can
17:23 find for example of so three examples
17:26 where it says these sonnets are by God
17:28 and the fourth T the so by Edward de
17:31 Vere the fourth T then it will be valid
17:33 we haven't got there yet have done it
17:34 three times it's not valid gotta
17:36 concentrate cuz it's important otherwise
17:37 you can start thinking things are true
17:39 when they're not done anything right
17:40 okay so what anyway right when
17:43 it's not valid but I am going to
17:45 validate it yes yeah
17:49 just buried it but just keeping it yes
17:50 you're right there is going to be a
17:51 connection okay someone's concentrating
17:54 okay yeah all right so we've got this
17:57 weird sentence these sonnets by ever the
17:59 fourth T let's just pretend in our
18:01 wildest imaginations that we're not
18:02 validating that ever does mean Edward de
18:04 Vere but what the hell does it mean that
18:06 he's the fourth T we can understand the
18:08 idea that these sonnets by Edward de
18:09 Vere so I must like it some of us don't
18:11 believe we can understand it what does
18:12 it mean that he's the fourth T well we
18:15 looked at the three T's if you remember
18:17 and we saw them as a symbol in one
18:19 interpretation of the crucified Christ
18:21 with the two thieves on either side if
18:24 we take that interpretation of the the
18:27 three T's then the fourth T has to mean
18:30 the fourth cross coming anything else
18:32 and if you go onto the internet and look
18:34 up the fourth cross you'll find a
18:36 billion references telling exactly whose
18:38 cross that isn't it's the cross of st.
18:39 Peter if you remember the story they
18:42 caught up with him in Rome in 69 AD and
18:44 they said right mate
18:45 no we're going to crucify you and he
18:47 said well I can't be crucified because
18:48 I'm not worthy to be crucified in the
18:50 same ways Jesus but I tell you what you
18:51 can crucify me upside down so the fourth
18:55 T is actually known as the Petrin cross
18:56 and it's always always shown upside down
18:59 fourth tower still getting even more
19:01 muddling now why the hell is Edward de
19:03 Vere being described as an upside-down
19:06 cross well we can at this stage take
19:08 some sort of wild guesses if we want we
19:10 can say maybe because he was a sinner
19:12 and some Peter was the patron saint of
19:14 forgiven sinners this is where we get a
19:17 Nazi sign when we should have had a very
19:18 nice cross thank you software
19:21 actually that is that that is a cross
19:24 potent which should have the the triple
19:26 Tower the key to the treasures on the
19:27 top with the fourth T upside down and
19:30 it's also the insignia of the master of
19:31 the royal secret in certain promise of
19:33 Freemasonry could Edward de Vere's code
19:36 name before t very very stupid
19:38 suggestion Alexander why you being
19:40 babyish well I just throw this one in
19:43 your faces in the letters of of ping
19:46 James we have King James well he was
19:48 King of Scotland under the code name 30 19:49 writing to someone described as 40 an
19:52 English gentleman not identified in the
19:55 in the letters of King James he's
19:56 referred to quite a few times in letters
19:58 also to Robert Cecil and we know that
20:01 he's an English courtier and he's going
20:02 under the code name 40 and he's close to
20:04 Robert Cecil so I think as we go forward
20:06 we're going to see that this woman
20:07 certainly is Edward to fear so there's
20:09 another possibility right now the fun
20:11 begins because we're gonna start the the
20:12 decryptions and we're going to find out
20:14 something very very interesting right I
20:17 have here laid out the dedication to the
20:23 sonnets in a grid 19 letters across and
20:26 filled it up to the only baguette or
20:29 these ensuing sonnets I've done nothing
20:30 silly and no tricks here then the little
20:32 M the little R there is for mr. that's
20:34 how it appears on the on the sonnets
20:36 thing right why did I lay it out in a
20:39 nineteen grid
20:41 remember the key the key is TTT we have
20:44 to have three reasons and those three
20:45 reasons have to be associated with
20:47 Christ so let's get those three reasons
20:49 out of the way T with the tau I've just
20:52 told you it's the symbol of Jesus
20:53 because it's the cross and the Tau is in
20:56 Greek the 19th letter of the Greek
20:59 alphabet therefore in what's called very
21:01 simple geometry ER where alpha equals 1 21:04 beta equals to gamma equals 3 etc all
21:07 the way up tau equals 19 Jesus equals 19 21:11 if you count the the T's on this grid
21:15 yes you guessed it there are 19 of them
21:18 so that's our second reason we need
21:20 three reasons T et et is our clue what
21:22 is 19 in Roman numerals x1x TTT we know
21:31 represents Christ Christ Christ
21:34 x1x is kristus jesu s cristo sliced the
21:38 beginning the middle and the end
21:40 via Veritas and Vita right so let's now
21:44 get into this grid and start playing the
21:46 game if Christ is the beginning in the
21:48 middle in the end let's start seeing how
21:50 that checks out first of all before I do
21:52 it that the the it was it was 12 like 12 21:56 lines along the dedication and what do
21:57 we have in column 12 TTT okay you're
22:00 gonna say yeah showing anything get in
22:03 all of the different grids no you don't
22:04 you can put you can put this into any
22:07 single grid you want and you will not
22:09 find three T's laid out like that what
22:12 that is telling you is we've found the
22:14 Clavis ad FS Orem the key to the
22:17 treasures and it's on this grid now
22:19 we've had lots and lots of ox40 ins no
22:22 debate koreans we've been turning this
22:24 ruddy dedication upside down in hundreds
22:27 of different grids this is the only grid
22:30 you need and everything you need to find
22:32 is on this grid and that is telling you
22:34 right there you've found your home base
22:36 right now yeah I'm making a bit of an
22:42 assumption there the the dedication is
22:45 12 lines long there's three triangles
22:47 they add up to twelve lines and in
22:48 column twelve we have our TTT so it's
22:50 sort of confirming that the whole
22:52 dedication was a representation of TTT
22:54 and it's telling you you found the right
22:56 grid right okay let's talk disciples
23:00 twelve is a very important number in all
23:01 this order okay now let's start getting
23:03 into this grid and playing with it and
23:05 seeing what it's telling us because it's
23:06 telling us a hell of a lot of
23:06 interesting stuff okay Christ is the
23:09 beginning
23:10 yes years T column one row one t Christ
23:13 is the end yes T there he is what about
23:16 the middle though what about this great
23:17 capital I what about the veritas well
23:19 let's just draw a huge capital I right
23:22 into the center of our grid and again
23:24 I'm very sorry it was slick when I did
23:25 it's very slow now there it is there is
23:28 a capital I for ya Zeus right in the
23:31 center and anyone who knows about
23:32 Renaissance numerology will know the
23:34 center is the most important place to a
23:37 Renaissance mind it's centered east/west
23:40 it centered north-south there's your
23:41 capital I now is it a valid symbol not
23:45 let let's validate it you remember I
23:47 said TT
23:48 here's the key that's guidance just keep
23:50 reminding you of this so you'll really
23:51 with me all the way on this because
23:52 always you can lose me I can lose you if
23:54 someone's gonna lose somebody TTT I said
23:57 either you repeat three times or it is
23:59 endorsed three times by Christ okay
24:02 capital I that's Christ that's one look
24:05 at the three T's they're the middle T
24:07 that's the crucified Christ and it's
24:09 touching on the capital I and what
24:10 column are we in we're in column ten
24:14 which is Christo so yes we've got our
24:15 three endorsements now we know that this
24:17 is a valid symbol so now we know it's
24:19 valid let's read what it says inside it
24:21 at the bottom we have the Latin vert
24:24 stem then please don't panic about Latin
24:27 verb stems you get them all over
24:29 monuments Abdel very very common to have
24:32 the verb stem and not the whole thing
24:34 verb some of they're near a to come and
24:36 then in the Tao cross up here I'm afraid
24:39 we're back to anagrams only got too much
24:41 headaches from the last talk but that's
24:43 a perfect anagram they're no messing
24:44 around perfect anagram of get it very
24:48 task yes well done you've got it so
24:50 we've got the message in a zone because
24:52 it's inside the capital I in Haysom
24:55 Veritas vein it in Jesus the truth comes
24:58 or the truth is coming through Jesus you
25:00 find the truth what is the point of
25:03 putting that right in the center of this
25:06 grid why is it so important to say that
25:08 I'll tell you why because this is the
25:09 rules we've had the key
25:12 that's for validation TTT and now we've
25:14 got the rules of the game and the rule
25:16 of the game is look for Jesus and you'll
25:18 find the truth so that's what we're
25:20 gonna do we're gonna look for Jesus and
25:21 we're gonna find some very extrordinary
25:23 truth actually I'm going to take you in
25:25 first through a back door exactly the
25:28 same grid haven't changed anything I've
25:29 just taken the in very tapped off a vein
25:32 it I've taken that guy away so I and all
25:34 I've done is the TTT still there and
25:36 I've highlighted there the word fourth
25:38 in red do you remember we had that funny
25:41 message right at the beginning which
25:42 said these sonnets all by ever the
25:45 fourth T you remember that and we
25:48 remember what the fourth T is the
25:50 upside-down cross of Peter it's an
25:52 upside-down T so what happens if we draw
25:55 a rebus an upside-down T right on top of
25:57 the word fourth as your three T's
25:59 there's the fourth that is a rapist the
26:01 word is
26:01 tea a rapist by the way is a word that
26:04 is not written with letters it's written
26:06 with shapes known as counting in in in
26:09 heraldry so there's your tea its fourth
26:11 tea
26:11 what does it say inside it de vere
26:14 interesting so we've already had these
26:16 sonnets or by ever the fourth tea now
26:19 we've got the fourth tea again and it
26:21 says de Vere
26:22 so is it now value whatever it means
26:24 that vir is the fourth to you have we
26:26 validated it according to the key no
26:30 well done good we've only had it twice
26:31 don't worry we'll have it three times I
26:33 hope you'll understand it by the end but
26:35 twice we now know that at least we've
26:36 been given twice these the fourth tea
26:38 now do you remember the rules of this
26:40 funny little game look what that didn't
26:42 set very well because of the new
26:43 software look what's just above this
26:45 fourth tea just there we've got is H is
26:48 H remember in signal hoc vinci's in this
26:55 sign you will conquer that's the sign
26:58 please keep staring at it is known as
26:59 the Cairo symbol it's going to be very
27:01 important this is the sign that he saw
27:03 up in the sky in this sign you will
27:06 conquer and what have we got there you
27:08 got your verb stem for the VIN chairs
27:10 and there's your in signal hawk right
27:12 there so in signal hawk finches it's a
27:14 sign of Jesus and it's hovering just
27:17 above the de vere sign so we've got
27:20 Jesus there what column are we in column
27:24 9 exactly yes as Christo's so we've got
27:27 two Jesus's one two and if you work to
27:29 invalidate anything more we need a third
27:31 Jesus so what do we do draw it on may we
27:34 have a capital I for yeezus this is the
27:37 second capital I we've had everything
27:39 just to make you die of boredom in
27:41 advance everything is going to come in
27:43 threes TTT that's the key to everything
27:45 is in threes okay so we've got a valid
27:47 symbol here what's your telling us is it
27:49 telling us anything interesting lies
27:51 here wasn't it d'oeuvre there lies here
27:55 tough like it's gonna tell us that he's
27:57 buried somewhere now but I can see I can
28:01 see that some of you saying I are hang
28:02 on I'm having a re twice for here look
28:05 in the bottom stem what have we got II D
28:08 V the initials Edward de Vere lies here
28:12 we're using everything once and
28:14 once only we don't need to duplicate
28:16 those er ease
28:19 absolutely it is and and I will I if I
28:22 would I would I would I would come to
28:24 that because it were I won't give away a
28:26 secret but you're right there is a
28:29 absolutely I'm telling you there's a
28:31 fantastic pun in there and I'm not going
28:34 to show it to you today and if anyone
28:36 buys the devious newsletter for October
28:38 you'll find exactly that you're onto
28:40 something there there is upon there
28:41 right now so okay at the moment we're
28:44 taking it that it means he lies here
28:46 he's buried here okay so I would take it
28:48 at the moment and your absolute that you
28:50 could go a different way and you'll find
28:51 something jolly interesting if you do
28:52 right
28:53 okay lies here we've come down to the
28:55 second e of here and now what do we do
28:58 we're stuck can anyone remember the
29:01 rules not the key the key is TTT that's
29:04 for validation what's the rule we're
29:06 playing yes someone said it in the yeas
29:10 on Veritas vein it we look for Jesus
29:12 now where's Jesus anywhere near this
29:15 bottom e here whoa what do we got there
29:18 second time we've already seen this
29:19 Elias hmm we had is H there in signal
29:22 hoc now there it is a second time right
29:24 next to that second even I mean to jump
29:26 anywhere or do anything okay in signal
29:29 hoc that's Jesus and they should be
29:31 there for a signal a sign somewhere just
29:34 above that and I'll cut to the quick
29:36 there it is it's an upside-down cross
29:39 what's an upside-down cross folks god
29:43 you're yes someone's concentrating it's
29:44 a some Peter's cross and again we're now
29:47 involved in a rebus here do you mean
29:49 what I said a rapist is a rapist is a
29:50 word that is written by a picture not by
29:54 letters so we've got Peters cross as the
29:57 work we've got there okay let's look in
29:58 the bottom of it we have South s oh you
30:01 the Y is a thorn th South and what have
30:05 we got in the top of it
30:06 Isle that's how they used to sperry
30:09 often spell it in in Renaissance England
30:13 so we got South Isle st. Peter's cross
30:15 we put the two together what we got
30:17 South cross Isles and Peters what what
30:19 the hell does that mean
30:21 I I thought he I thought it was in Poets
30:25 Corner in Westminster Abbey with with
30:27 Chaucer and stuff we being ripped off
30:30 okay here's Antonia wood in 16 something
30:33 rather talking about the the burial of
30:35 Chaucer and the man called brigham who
30:37 had so much respect for his memory at
30:40 such great that he moved his bones into
30:42 the South cross aisle or transept of
30:45 some Peter's Church Westminster if you
30:49 go on the Westminster Abbey website
30:52 you'll see this is not properly called
30:55 Westminster Abbey it's called some
30:56 Peter's Church the proper name for
30:57 Westminster Abbey and of course Poets
31:00 Corner wasn't called Poets Corner until
31:01 the 19th century it was called the South
31:03 cross aisle or the south transept and
31:05 there you can see they've spelled it
31:06 with an S in the middle so we are
31:08 looking as if we're getting quite close
31:10 because we've got Edward to realised
31:11 here's south cross I'll sum Peters is
31:15 that valid no no it's not well done very
31:20 good it's not valid we've got to either
31:22 repeat it three times or we got to have
31:24 Jesus endorsing it three times let's try
31:26 and get Jesus to endorse it three times
31:27 i Sh Jesus once so we've got that now
31:31 god it's so clever and beautiful how
31:33 he's done it this time and you remember
31:35 everything comes in threes and we've had
31:37 three eyes we heard the in yeas and
31:39 Veritas feign it we've heard Edward de
31:41 Vere lies here the big R you can see
31:42 there what happens if we draw another
31:44 Jesus smack on top of a south cross I'll
31:46 they're right on top point what do we
31:50 get on the bottom of the stem we have
31:51 the I H which is iota eita some of you
31:56 will have seen that symbol known as the
31:57 iota iota Ito Krista Graham it's Jesus
32:00 and what do we have here in the Tau
32:02 cross just above it perfect anagram of
32:05 yes God that was clever who do that
32:07 absolutely right so you've got the
32:09 message Christe Eleison Christ have
32:11 mercy this is a benediction that you say
32:14 on top of a coffin on top of a place
32:16 where somebody is buried Christ have
32:19 mercy
32:20 why would you have Christ have mercy on
32:22 poor old Edward de Vere well we all know
32:24 he's a bit of a sinner but never mind
32:26 okay so we've got two Jesus's to endorse
32:28 this so we need a third one column 7 was
32:30 what score 7 got to do
32:32 remotely with Jesus and Jesus's
32:34 forgiveness anyone know not all great
32:37 yes some of your good Bible readers then
32:39 Peter came to him and said Lord how oft
32:41 shall my brother sin against me and I
32:45 forgive him seven times and in Luke 17 32:48 for Jesus responds if he trespass
32:50 against these seven times in a day and
32:52 seven times in a day turn again to thee
32:54 saying I repent thou shalt forgive him
32:57 so 7 is the number of Jesus's
33:00 forgiveness and that's why we have the
33:02 Christe Eleison smack on top of the
33:06 South cross Isles and Peter's where
33:09 we're told that he has been buried now
33:11 everything has to come in threes as we
33:14 know and we also know that all we found
33:17 so far as he's buried in a south
33:20 transept of a church called some Peters
33:24 well this isn't Peters in Cornhill
33:25 Exeter Cathedral is called some Peters
33:28 we've got to get the right we must find
33:30 the right Church how are we going to
33:32 find it who can remember the rule what
33:34 we do when we're stuck the rule is in
33:37 yeas are very tasks vain it so let's
33:39 look for Jesus again Oh blow me over
33:41 with a feather is H the third time we've
33:44 had it isn't that strange er yes you are
33:47 we had it there yes you are in this sign
33:49 it's up then remember it's a reminder of
33:51 the sign Jesus but this is a
33:53 particularly interesting one is H I now
33:57 that's interesting because that means in
33:59 signal hawk Yeshua and backwards in hoc
34:03 Signo both a perfectly good Latin and
34:05 the other one means Jesus got to Jesus's
34:08 there backwards why would we put it
34:10 backwards we're told there's a sign up
34:12 here I noticed when I was finding this I
34:15 mean is that at it could be irrelevant
34:18 but everything seems to be linked as a
34:19 jumping here when I got to this point I
34:22 knew with absolute certainty that I
34:27 would find a symbol up here and I knew
34:29 because of my work on the Stratford
34:31 monument that I find a symbol that
34:33 helped me to locate Westminster Abbey it
34:35 wasn't going to be any other Church and
34:38 I saw a W and various things but you can
34:40 imagine my total astonishment when I saw
34:42 the actual sign
34:44 there it is you have the knave the to
34:46 cross Isles the transepts and the
34:48 cloisters of Westminster Abbey in a
34:51 reversed image now I'm just going to
34:53 bring up the floorplan of Westminster
34:55 Abbey underneath it so you understand
34:56 exactly how spectacular that is there's
34:59 the cloisters built into the south
35:00 transept and the nave and the thing so
35:03 we go back before we read what's inside
35:06 it let's for heaven's sake do our duty
35:09 by the key the key is TTT we need to
35:13 have Jesus three times endorsing this
35:15 symbol otherwise it's not good enough is
35:17 H Yeshua
35:18 IHS yeas us and we are in column 3 which
35:23 is aye-aye-aye
35:25 heizo sceeto's yeas us an exact mirror
35:28 of T TT which is our key so that is a
35:32 validated symbol and it is as you've
35:34 just seen rather miraculously a reverse
35:36 picture of Westminster Abbey so now
35:38 what's written in it thee that's fairly
35:41 easy don't need an anagram for that I'm
35:43 very sad sakes I know your heads are
35:45 getting tired with Anna ground so if you
35:46 take the V out you have a perfect
35:48 anagram of yes of course
35:52 the Westminster it was used to be known
35:55 as thorny that area then it became known
35:58 as the Westminster now on the very very
36:00 off chance that there were two churches
36:03 in that area called V Westminster called
36:06 some Peters well we put paid to than me
36:08 anyone other than Westminster Abbey by
36:10 the shape of it now why was it reversed
36:13 like that why do they flip it well I
36:16 think I can give you a couple of reasons
36:17 I think we can now read the whole thing
36:20 from left to right to the Westminster at
36:23 South Cross Isles and Peter's Edward de
36:26 Vere lies here so now we're reading it
36:28 properly now I just want you to think
36:33 how absolutely brilliant this is I know
36:37 you might thinking it's a little bit
36:39 boring but it's absolutely brilliant our
36:41 key is TTT what have what have I shown
36:43 you so far I've shown you three
36:45 capitalise aye aye aye yes yes yes that
36:50 is a mirror of TTT the three capital
36:52 lies were in yeas and Veritas vain it
36:54 that's gone now
36:56 Edward de Vere lives here that's the
36:57 second eye and the one sitting on top of
37:00 that Christe Eleison nice you've got
37:02 three eyes I've shown you three is HS is
37:06 H is H is H each time those were
37:10 signalling a sign in hoc Signo it's
37:14 actually telling you what it's doing
37:15 three times is H represents Jesus
37:18 aye-aye-aye we've mirrored the TTT which
37:21 is our key again and I shown you three
37:25 pictograms I showed you the upside down
37:28 T which is an upside-down cross I showed
37:31 you the Peters cross here and I've shown
37:33 you the Westminster Abbey which is in
37:34 the form of a cross all three signs of
37:36 Jesus
37:37 III TTT you've had three times three
37:41 absolutely built like a tungsten
37:43 fortress this thing so good luck you lot
37:45 who want to put it that it's annoying
38:01 it's annoying that but at the same time
38:04 I'm just worried that if I don't keep
38:05 repeating people will forget and they'll
38:07 get dizzy about what's happened okay now
38:11 I would say that this is almost perfect
38:14 but it's not perfect that's what's so
38:17 interesting about it and we all know why
38:18 it's not perfect and I sometimes wonder
38:20 whether than the non perfection of it is
38:22 what got us all onto this in the first
38:24 place so let's just very quickly look at
38:26 those non perfect aspects not just in a
38:30 minute we're going to look at those non
38:31 perfect aspects which made us realize
38:33 right from the start that this bloody
38:35 thing was encrypted so it uses a swear
38:36 word only to these only baguette oh
38:41 there should be an e in there why isn't
38:42 there an e well it's pretty obvious you
38:44 your lie would be shifted out of that
38:46 place and you'd be in trouble of these
38:49 ensuing sonnets one would expect the
38:51 word n suing sonnets you in suing me but
38:54 if you even had an E you wouldn't have
38:55 your isle which is so important to the
38:56 south across Silas Peters mr. WH well I
39:00 wouldn't be surprised if the vast
39:01 majority of people in this room think
39:03 that WH is Henry roffels e his his his
39:06 initials reversed obviously if you put
39:09 them the right
39:10 way around you would have the hessed
39:11 minster and you'd lose your Westminster
39:13 which been up to disaster I think the
39:15 idea of the the whole switch and the
39:17 reversing is also giving you a clue that
39:18 HW should be reversed and finally which
39:22 I mentioned before this wishing the well
39:24 wish if it's wish wish wish it's silly
39:26 he's trying to get all those is h's in
39:28 because he wants he's in hoc signals to
39:29 be underneath these signs okay I'm going
39:32 to move on now before I move on I'm just
39:34 going to tantalize you a tiny bit I've
39:37 only shown you one encryption and I'm
39:39 going to show you one more and yes
39:41 obviously TTT there are three of them
39:43 there are three encryptions I'm not
39:45 going to show you the third but I'm
39:46 going to tell you and the reason I'm not
39:48 going to show it to you is not concerned
39:49 with where Edward de Vere is buried
39:51 where Shakespeare's buried what it's
39:52 concerned with is three characters and
39:56 it works exactly the same way as this
39:57 and it's sitting just there in that
39:58 empty space there works exactly the same
40:00 it's three symbols it tells you about
40:02 three people and it tells you the only
40:05 but getter is and it's absolutely
40:06 fascinating and if you want to know how
40:08 that encryption worked please buy the de
40:10 Vere society newspaper of October just
40:13 about to come out because I give it in
40:15 there but we're not going to do it today
40:16 right so what we are going to do is go
40:18 to the second and final encryption I'm
40:20 going to show you today some of you will
40:24 be aware I have no doubt of video that
40:28 Alan green put earlier this year online
40:32 and he discovered that this title page
40:35 has a sort of secret geometry hidden
40:38 behind it he noticed that if you draw a
40:41 line from the great big G dot there up
40:44 to the indented dot and then you take
40:47 lines from either end and join up with
40:50 various key points you find a
40:52 fascinating array of right-angled
40:54 triangles so for instance I join the the
40:56 two ends to the end of that line there's
40:59 a right-angled triangle if I take the
41:01 second parallel line oh yes there's
41:03 another right-angled triangle if we go
41:06 to the little sorry the a split dot down
41:10 here as Polly yes you've guessed it
41:13 another right-angled triangle would
41:14 particularly interesting that one is a
41:15 perfect Pythagorean right-angled
41:17 triangle and if you go to the dot after
41:20 16:09 41:22 bingo same thing again I don't know how
41:25 many of us in here
41:26 remember our own level mathematics but
41:28 probably all of us sins is quite simple
41:30 going on then it's it's known as they
41:32 Lee's theorem when you get all these
41:34 right-angled triangles coming off a
41:35 single the ends of the same line then we
41:38 know that it is hiding a perfect circle
41:41 and we have the six dots all on the
41:44 circumference of that perfect circle so
41:47 the question is that's extremely
41:49 interesting but what what sit there for
41:51 what an earth is that therefore now
41:54 we've just seen this absolutely
41:56 astonishing encryption which is telling
41:59 you that Shakespeare is buried in Poets
42:01 Corner in Westminster Abbey is it likely
42:04 that you go to all that effort and make
42:06 that incredible encryption and just say
42:08 okay I'm off to go how cavity now or
42:10 would you actually say where he's buried
42:12 show us the spot where he's buried in
42:14 Westminster Abbey it seems to me it's
42:16 obvious that that should be lurking
42:17 there somewhere and so then it occurred
42:20 to me when I saw that this had this
42:22 hidden geometry that the answer was
42:25 going to be somewhere on this page right
42:28 sorry I hate to keep refreshing your
42:30 memory and I know it's getting late in
42:32 the afternoon but I'm just gonna ask you
42:33 the question one more time when we get
42:35 stuck in this encryption what are the
42:36 rules what do what do we do what do we
42:38 what Jesus Jesus God you're really all
42:41 concentrating course in YES on Veritas
42:44 Bane it's we look for Jesus if we can
42:47 find Jesus we should find the truth how
42:49 the hell are we going to find Jesus
42:50 right let's get Alan green circle up
42:52 there and there we've got the diameter
42:54 line from the G to the indented dot now
42:57 if you take a line from that G dot and
42:59 go horizontally across till it hits the
43:01 circumference like that you pass back up
43:04 through the center of the circle and
43:05 down through the P there oh yes of
43:08 course it's our old friend it's our old
43:12 friend Jesus it's the Cairo so move
43:14 absolute on assuring I discovered you go
43:16 directly down through the stem of that
43:18 pea and it goes right into the centre of
43:20 that hidden circle and it lands plot on
43:22 that dot right there okay so now we know
43:26 that in Jesus we're going to find the
43:28 truth
43:28 so how now we found Jesus are we going
43:30 to find the truth well actually it's
43:31 pretty obvious isn't it there's only one
43:33 way we can possibly find the truth from
43:34 that as we look where
43:35 pointing clearly right so let's start
43:38 let's start with the big guy in the
43:39 middle for Christo's for Christ if we
43:41 take the top top right there it's
43:43 pointing at the dot captioned by de
43:46 top-left ve bottom right ar e and bottom
43:52 left by G what held us by G mean by G
43:56 many of you'll be familiar with that
43:57 sign that's the main sign of the
43:59 Freemasons is the huge G of God gay
44:03 ometer that is to say the grand
44:06 architect of the universe which you see
44:08 in lots of medieval paintings and there
44:10 he is designing the whole universe so
44:12 this is really telling you
44:15 shakespeare's sonnets are by God and de
44:18 Vere sounds a pretty odd thing to be
44:20 telling you I have to agree but it isn't
44:23 it's it's a message from some Paul
44:25 really what is really saying is these
44:27 sonnets are by Devere and by the grace
44:29 of God within him is it a valid message
44:32 No hooray for all those people who don't
44:35 want to be Oxford Ian's it's not valid
44:37 it's not valid because we've only had it
44:40 once but I'm afraid we're gonna get it
44:42 three times so brace yourselves okay
44:46 right so okay so we've seen where those
44:48 four bits are pointing now what about
44:50 this great iota of Jesus is pointing
44:52 right there that dot what is that dot
44:54 what's that telling us it seems to be a
44:56 dot that's captioned by a big T it's the
44:59 first T of Thomas thorpes initials okay
45:02 that's do you remember thee sonnets all
45:05 by ever the fourth t let's just see if
45:09 this could be possibly the fourth T on
45:11 this page there's the first T sonnets
45:13 interesting there's the second one comes
45:15 in in print Ted third one at Oh bingo
45:19 bango bango yes it is the fourth T the
45:22 iota of Jesus is pointing at the fourth
45:25 T let's have a look at this really
45:28 interesting thing there it is there's
45:31 there is the fourth T now notice what
45:34 comes just in front of it for T quite
45:37 interesting cuz you man we have this for
45:39 T's that we saw on the stratford mario
45:42 14 remember it's 14 leaves this thing
45:45 and suddenly got 40 the
45:47 there's a codename for Edward de Vere
45:48 don't know anyway even if it is we have
45:50 to have three reasons so it's not going
45:51 to count it so let's look the letter
45:53 before that we've seen the 40 letter
45:55 before that oh it's a DS not gonna help
45:58 us D 40 what do you think that means d
46:01 40 let's go to understand this
46:04 encryption we need to go to the ancient
46:06 symbolism of the T
46:08 there's the Greek Egyptian hieroglyph
46:11 the Tao and you can see what it is it's
46:12 an ox with horns I'm sure many of you
46:16 know that it's actually equally ancient
46:17 as old as the Tau it is the SI
46:20 constellation silent constellation of
46:22 Taurus exactly so it's the sign of of
46:26 the ox and of course the oldest form of
46:29 the Greek cow looks very come derives
46:32 from that and then the Greek tau later
46:35 developed into that it's a symbol of an
46:36 octa-core some of the work tau comes
46:38 with Tyros in Greek and Taurus in Latin
46:41 and there's the Latin T so whichever way
46:43 you try and cut this a T is a symbol of
46:46 an ox right so d40 what does that mean
46:49 two bananas for a pound I give you two
46:51 bananas you give me a pound we swap
46:52 around yippee I know let's do that but
46:54 first remember the symbol of an ox now
46:56 let's sign around oh yeah we've got it
46:58 okay we've got it so so that is now that
47:05 is now whether we like it or not that is
47:07 now validated because we've had three
47:09 times we've been - given the fact that
47:11 that fourth T the 4t Oxford so this is
47:15 now getting extremely exciting because
47:16 we've got a dot here and look what word
47:19 it's sorry you may if you're lucky now
47:24 look can't come - you mean okay that's
47:28 boring I'm just showing you that we've
47:30 now had three iterations that a vir
47:33 being the fourth T there was the first
47:34 one we saw it on there there was the
47:35 Oxford one and there was the fourth T
47:37 when the upside-down T so we've got that
47:38 point humbly okay let's look up there
47:40 look we've got the word London right
47:42 above this well that's interesting
47:43 we're looking for where Shakespeare's
47:45 buried now aren't we
47:46 and it's right underneath the word
47:47 London and the eye is pointing at that
47:50 dot and we know that's Oxford now so
47:54 however hell are we going to find out
47:56 where he's buried by using this
47:58 information yes that's on its title page
48:00 got the Allen green circling and the
48:02 capital I that's now pointing at this
48:04 stop which I think may be where our
48:06 friend is buried so what are we going to
48:08 do let's get a map of the south cross
48:10 pile out there it is we're known as
48:13 Poets Corner now the first thing you're
48:15 probably noticed at a glance from
48:16 wherever you're sitting is that this
48:20 line here is not actually centered to
48:22 the page slightly set off to the right
48:25 can you see that it's not centered if
48:27 you look here you see a row of pillars
48:29 and you see there's not actually
48:30 centered two Poets Corner it's slightly
48:33 off there to the right so it wouldn't
48:36 might imply that this line here is
48:38 deliberately representing this line of
48:41 columns through the center of the south
48:43 cross although we now know he is buried
48:45 in matter of fact what's particular
48:47 interesting if you get a compass and put
48:48 it right in the center of that pillar
48:50 there and point it up right through the
48:53 center of those pillars you find
48:56 something quite interesting Westminster
48:58 Abbey is not built exactly straight it's
49:01 on a slight wonky and it's actually
49:04 about four point five five degrees
49:05 pointing to the northeast that line of
49:08 columns now if you look on this thing
49:10 and you look at that line what does it
49:11 go through up here just to the north and
49:14 just to the east slightly the Northeast
49:16 exactly the same situation here which is
49:18 confirming that we are right and we've
49:20 got the pillars in the right place - how
49:23 are we going to play this out I think
49:24 it's fairly simple we take the very
49:26 center pillar there we take the Centers
49:29 of the two outer pillars and then we
49:32 draw a nice circle which I hope yes
49:35 that's done it we draw a circle and then
49:37 what we're going to do is we're simply
49:38 going to overlay this on to that so it
49:41 fits exactly and wherever this dot lands
49:43 should be where Shakespeare is buried
49:45 you when you can imagine my excitement
49:46 when I realized this was going to work
49:48 and of course I said to myself a minute
49:50 I see where it lands I'm gonna get in
49:52 the car and I'm gonna go straight to
49:53 Westminster Abbey and I'm gonna go to
49:55 that spot and I really hope that
49:57 there'll be some sign some some
50:00 something a little bit of scratching in
50:02 the stone to show that I've got it right
50:04 so there we are there's the fourth T dot
50:06 and there it is you see I'm pointing at
50:08 it right then now and if you can
50:11 probably see I made it bigger twist it
50:13 round
50:14 could anyone see what that says yeah
50:17 does it does it says Shakespeare that is
50:20 exactly where the Shakespeare Monument
50:22 is there there's the fourth T dot I
50:23 don't know how dumb and it's exactly
50:25 right in that right in the center of
50:27 that Shakespeare - so that's really
50:31 interesting is it not there there's the
50:35 Shakespeare tomb right there just for
50:38 your interest there's Spencer and
50:40 Chaucer I don't know if this is
50:42 irrelevant and I just throw it in just -
50:44 just for the sake of it that is a 90 30 50:48 60 angle triangle between Chaucer
50:50 Spencer and Shakespeare of course is the
50:53 ratio of six to four but I don't know if
50:55 that's relevant okay let's let's let's
51:00 just look at this and see if there's any
51:02 clues that we might be right apart from
51:04 the Extra Ordinary fact that
51:06 Shakespeare's monument in 1740 seems to
51:08 been dumped right on top of the spot
51:10 where Edward de Vere seems to be buried
51:11 right first thing let's have a look at
51:13 this okay let's have a look at this and
51:17 the thing he's pointing at
51:18 okay left the left-hand side we've got
51:20 there t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t forties where
51:28 did we see those can you remember yes we
51:30 saw them at the bottom right of the
51:32 Shakespeare Monument in Stratford and
51:34 now they're on the top left of the
51:37 monument here interesting this little
51:40 speech because many of you will know it
51:41 comes from The Tempest the passage
51:44 that's actually quoted here it starts
51:46 and like the baseless fabric of a vision
51:48 the cloud-capped towers that's
51:50 interesting and like the baseless fabric
51:51 of revisions down there the cloud-capped
51:53 has up there what's going on Miss quoted
51:56 it Pope who is responsible for putting
51:58 this up this is what you've done you've
51:59 got a Miss quite a shame for you idiot
52:01 on the Shakespeare Monument where'd you
52:02 go he said it stays it stays like it is
52:05 I want it like it is why because if you
52:07 put that up there you wouldn't get your
52:08 TTT which is all terribly important to
52:11 the message what do we got there
52:12 the cloud-capped towers oh that's funny
52:15 he's got rid of the e of towers what's
52:17 point of that why get rid of the e of
52:18 towers can you think I'll tell you why
52:21 he did it because he wants seventeen
52:22 letters across that top not 18 which
52:25 would wreck his little game because what
52:26 he's got now is
52:27 tene 40 down the side just as there
52:31 you've got 17 characters in the 40 1740 52:34 what's all this about 1740 we'll come to
52:36 that in a second first of all look what
52:38 he's pointing at the cloud-capped towers
52:40 the gorgeous palaces the solemn temples
52:42 he's pointing in the word temples
52:44 described as solemn temples ring of
52:47 Solomon's Temple about it hey what he
52:49 were well what does the First Folio say
52:53 in the dedication to the patrons
52:59 Montgomery and Pembroke and the most
53:02 though meanest of things are made more
53:04 precious when they are dedicated to
53:06 temples in that name they're in the name
53:10 of temples therefore we most humbly
53:13 consecrate to your Honorables these
53:15 remains of your servant Shakespeare
53:17 actually it does it mean Honorables we
53:20 know we've got Ben Jonson mucking about
53:21 here we got that double H and yes of
53:24 course it meant Honorables in in
53:25 previous if there also earlier on in the
53:27 letter but here I think it means Holies
53:29 this bit is actually written to God and
53:32 that's why it's consecrated the remains
53:34 of your servant Shakespeare to your holy
53:36 so you remember twice in the Bible
53:38 holy holy holy art the Lord God Almighty
53:40 so it's another little John Sounion
53:42 trick okay
53:45 what the hell there why why is he
53:47 standing like that what is he doing
53:50 because he's got his right elbow stuck
53:52 out and his legs crossed good boy good
53:57 boy bit like bacon because I think Baker
53:59 was a member of this funny group called
54:02 temples possibly absolutely right so why
54:04 has he got his legs cross-eyed what if
54:05 you I don't know some of you who aren't
54:07 audience won't know as much about Edward
54:08 beer but it's very interesting because
54:10 he lived in he had runs the Masters
54:13 rooms in the Savoy Hospital than the
54:15 that was owned by the Knights
54:17 Hospitaller who took over all the
54:19 property from the Knights Templars and
54:20 they sort of merged into it and Edward
54:22 de Vere therefore lived a few yards from
54:25 the head of the temples the Temple
54:27 Church here's a typical Templar Knight
54:29 that's funny
54:31 exactly they say they give a right elbow
54:32 sticking out legs crossed getting an
54:35 idea what's going on here let's just
54:37 flip him round does that make it any
54:39 easier
54:40 yes you've probably got it it's our old
54:42 friend we're back again and of course it
54:45 is it's C it's the Cairo so it's so what
54:48 are we talking about are we saying they
54:49 are Jesus is that the game no some Paul
54:53 to the Corinthians
54:54 Christ liveth in me and this some Paul
55:00 says but they by the grace of God I am
55:02 that I am many of you will know that
55:04 Moses was told by God to go and deliver
55:06 a message to his people and Moses said
55:08 to him as an exodus who shall I say told
55:10 me to depart to do this message and God
55:13 says I am that I am so I am that I am
55:15 becomes the name of God and in certain
55:17 people it's blasphemous takus to say I
55:20 am that I am of yourself
55:21 didn't stop Edward de Vere I serve her
55:23 majesty and I am that I am and her
55:25 letter to Lord Burleigh and it didn't
55:27 stop Shakespeare I am that I am and they
55:29 that level of my abuse is wrecking up
55:30 their own sonnet one to one so what are
55:33 they saying they saying that the work I
55:34 do is done by the grace of God within me
55:37 now I did promise you I'd give you three
55:39 iterations of this message Shakespeare's
55:42 sonnets by God and Devere so that we can
55:45 validate it according to the code I'll
55:48 do that and then I think I'm going to
55:50 start - questions okay let's let's find
55:52 it at this so there's once yep remember
55:53 this Shakespeare's sonnets by God
55:57 Devere that's your once okay let's look
55:59 at where am I now
56:01 yeah look at this line here it's 17 56:06 letters long 17 where numbers also
56:08 important to these people they're so
56:09 funny on the by at the beginning oh
56:11 that's nice and easy G T what does that
56:16 mean God and T is Jesus God and Jesus
56:20 are the same thing Jesus says I and the
56:24 father are one
56:25 notice how the font of this G there is a
56:29 swash font it's exactly the same swash
56:32 Bob does that he's telling you they're
56:33 the same one and now look at that this
56:35 was this was Mark who first spotted this
56:38 he said that T has been done in a
56:41 different font from that one it's been
56:42 made to look like an ox it's been made
56:44 to look like an ox its head deliberately
56:45 so we've got by God and that just sits
56:50 there perfectly easily d40 we saw that
56:53 that's Oxford
56:54 and what have we got left now I got a L
56:56 of George L and a re that's your perfect
56:59 anagram of 17,000 Oxford the 17th L so
57:04 that's the second time we've heard this
57:06 message and now we've got to validate it
57:09 TTT the third time where's that oh it's
57:12 back here
57:13 so do you remember this is very n so
57:16 just hold with me do you remember how I
57:18 showed you that you follow the 6 to 4 57:21 code counting the words demarcated by
57:24 the dots and hyphens these sonnets all
57:27 by ever the fourth T we had so therefore
57:31 these sonnets are all by evm now what
57:34 happens if I decide to ignore the
57:36 hyphens and do exactly the same thing 6 57:40 2 4 6 2 4 but ignoring the hyphens these
57:45 sonnets all by ever-living well-wishing
57:48 T T is Jesus T is therefore God
57:53 everliving yes we all know God is
57:55 everliving well wishing well wishing
57:58 comes from the word the latin word that
58:03 comes benevolent there Netherland been a
58:06 meaning well Volland meaning wishing his
58:09 benevolence remain if forever Chronicles
58:12 9 9 in a passage underlined by Edward de
58:14 Vere and his Bible looks in the in the
58:16 Folger
58:17 so look what we've got isn't that
58:18 amazing we just switch ON or switch off
58:21 the hyphens and the same piece of text
58:23 says these sonnets or by a via or these
58:26 sonnets or by God so that's the third
58:28 time you've got these sonnets by God and
58:31 of year or in other words these sonnets
58:33 by God by Devere and the grace of God
58:36 within him now I apologize
58:39 enormous ly to those who are not ox40 58:41 ins but if you are playing this game
58:44 according to these rules that's now
58:47 final the only way you can get out of
58:49 this now is that don't play the game rip
58:51 up the rules and walk out and of course
58:52 you're entitled to do that but if you're
58:54 following if you're following the key
58:56 and doing it properly as we've done
58:58 systematically since I started this
59:00 speech its TTT we've had it three times
59:03 we now know where he's buried and I
59:05 think I'm going to stop right there and
59:07 I hope
59:08 a happy time
59:09 [Applause]
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