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Reason for reasons


Can Shakespeare’s true identity be worth all the effort that has been expended on supporting all the different candidates in the authorship debate?  Well, you might as well ask why does anything matter? Does the difference between… go to article

Monumental mistakes


Malice in Wonderland Here's the creek but where's the paddle? Extemporising on play-broking is one thing, challenging the existence of Fat Marian Hackett is another, but Barber eventually has to get down to the business of handling the… go to article

Moniment, without a tombe


“Thou art a Moniment, without a tombe.” Nat Whilk Week 4 · 12 days ago · Edited Ros Barber’s strange reading of Ben Jonson has sent me back to his sources for his Shakespeare eulogy, to Horace. If for nothing else, I… go to article