500 words…

(from Oxford's core poetical work, V&A and Hero & Leander)† Not proof of anything, just early experiments with PCA tables.
  …more likely to be used by Oxford than Shakespeare …more likely to be used by Oxford than Marlowe …more likely to be used by Marlowe than Shakespeare …Marlowe uses that Oxford doesn't in order of Marloweness …Shakespeare uses that Oxford doesn't in order of Shakespeareness
1 i i my lips lips
2 my my i has wears
3 that__relative__ me thou master weakness
4 me to__infinitive__ is lady draws
5 to__infinitive__ is thy old interest
6 is the doth brother womb
7 the shall his better flattery
8 doth help thee against overthrow
9 help that__relative__ she yes appetite
10 in__preposition__ thy now our__royalPlural__ theirs
11 shall do shall gentleman lower
12 thy doth will__verb__ enough circumstance
13 pain pain lips madam season
14 of be eyes we__royalPlural__ caught
15 joy joy hath dost apt
16 do or eye husband envious
17 hath hath what gentlemen dissemble
18 most then not duke guise
19 then who__interrogative__ quoth fool creep
20 heart on__preposition__ their shalt beware
21 grief grief heart yourself milk
22 on__preposition__ am make thank secrets
23 who__interrogative__ heart them fellow ended
24 am will__verb__ bore farewell offended
25 tears tears no__adjective__ sword rejoice
26 with can or service friendly
27 what man if justice advised
28 grace yet a letter senseless
29 or what me yours rate
30 man others like__preposition__ thyself burnt
31 secret secret death warrant tidings
32 yet unto so__adverbManner__ whole author
33 mind these face methinks sadness
34 others mind it captain witty
35 must thee they ready fairer
36 no__adjective__ where in__preposition__ land seize
37 will__verb__ whom adonis john graves
38 these ground on__preposition__ horse compare
39 seek no__exclamation__ o mercy woman_s
40 woeful seek being mark condemned
41 choice crave mine to__adverb__ ope
42 can no__adjective__ fear remember parting
43 die thou kiss wench stronger
44 fall choice beauty hither bark
45 crave woeful seem canst contented
46 see most sometimes presently bell
47 face die thine majesty fox
48 no__exclamation__ alone with excellent commission
49 myself fall good france wore
50 dear for__conjunction__ may sir likely
51 work thus hard us__royalPlural__ prodigal
52 doleful grace sorrow swear urged
53 gain least how already apace
54 toil dear soft anything begun
55 colors doleful art prithee scorns
56 thee gain lie truly basely
57 ground toil still whilst combat
58 mine colors thousand certain minutes
59 least mine gun got flattering
60 sighs will__noun__ tender confess mouths
61 be work well for__adverb__ cave
62 did are be hark complexion
63 still have twenty stands swallow
64 who__relative__ earth dry mighty troubles
65 thoughts away cheek beseech ridiculous
66 death myself all soldier carries
67 seem sighs say attend sleeping
68 over nor must slave trim
69 care you dost highness turning
70 quiet may ears become dealing
71 content care horse between strict
72 present present shadow worship stained
73 triumphs possess tears didst sweets
74 tunes careful within presence petty
75 beats tunes spring foot showers
76 ever thrall lend tomorrow makest
77 sure beats disdain witness oil
78 every tawny hounds england settled
79 suffer drown kill carry flying
80 possess base sir forget forsworn
81 careful daphne short curse manage
82 mourning wart boy besides siege
83 gets laradon an question breeding
84 tawny who__relative__ light learn beginning
85 drown long each hours swears
86 base sure who__relative__ goodness discovery
87 daphne over passion second fighting
88 wart reason weary credit soundly
89 laradon content cannot enemy chiefly
90 earth quiet your called divorce
91 alone seemed blood enter fraud
92 may gets takes sudden qualities
93 your head sport like__adverb__ engine
94 will__noun__ suffer bird oath gay
95 eye cruel old forever growing
96 good triumphs says office waits
97 bring see bids like__adjective__ beguile
98 reason there since deny slander
99 black mourning seen widow finding
100 thrall name ear poison livery
101 found seem by__preposition__ among songs
102 cruel sad fall ourselves despised
103 for__conjunction__ aye late assure expected
104 place keep on__adverb__ able rouse
105 never words shalt loving serpent
106 sometimes caesar under doctor blunt
107 takes danger thyself dog continual
108 danger case this hurt raging
109 grow stone sight understand frowns
110 annoy reward cheeks liberty dismal
111 happy looks hand damned entertained
112 endure deadly till happiness respects
113 judge bitter look anon sat
114 wrought pleasant seek foolish revels
115 looks despite myself report ruin_d
116 breast cynthia over buy spur
117 shows honey danger match variety
118 shield distress pay today kills
119 hairs hairs making respect print
120 consume decay jealousy forgive infant
121 relief wherewith together precious audience
122 perforce relief canst sick bondage
123 sighing oppressed mouth trouble loathed
124 noble hapless anon misery piteous
125 state worms courage treason coals
126 caesar annoy crest traitor drunken
127 case perforce doves labour shames
128 chance refused am dance tutor
129 reward pains no__exclamation__ honesty vantage
130 estate settle cry safety sullen
131 desert attain himself masters sticks
132 bitter sighing fresh greatness wooing
133 share tormented proud blame windows
134 sleep pensive again gentlewoman consort
135 streams tennis sighs beg contend
136 distress hannibal flowers foe attended
137 decay bee__noun__ pray deserve disturb
138 oppressed sucks naught spoke vapour
139 hapless wights little somewhat eagle
140 worms cottage turn occasion governed
141 plaints whenas mad perceive direction
142 refused resound lust fearful glasses
143 pains mazed round spare mistrust
144 settle trickling wood silence sheets
145 attain carnation shame forsooth peep
146 nets sunbeams way mr spear
147 tormented lily whereat whore suitor
148 pensive lalalantida cause forgot leaf
149 tennis tedriton dare always unkindness
150 hannibal teight answer purse answers
151 bee__noun__ than strong dangerous dissolve
152 sucks none ten yourselves laughed
153 wights found haste mothers merciful
154 cottage hell fault princess hedge
155 whenas gentle field six night_s
156 resound done hadst commend likeness
157 mazed alas double opinion perfumed
158 trickling rage alive wicked babe
159 carnation chance despair sooner forged
160 reaps endure remove yonder garment
161 sunbeams judge strikes rogue hearted
162 lily although prime tonight peaceful
163 lalalantida desert forlorn plot tops
164 tedriton share master sorry bay
165 teight sleep get murder knocks
166 such consume fool london longs
167 that__demonstrative__ blushing just triumph asunder
168 unto plaints mark easy blaze
169 whom nets strike lion champion
170 long reaps between armed events
171 hand eye didst mistress sensible
172 worth force tomorrow friendship stir
173 sad say quick quarrel trifles
174 seemed speak hurt grant will
175 make again wanton prison holding
176 flowers shame brain vengeance kindle
177 time happy foe wrong painter
178 honey morning fearful begin snayle
179 deadly sometimes lion courage meets
180 despite taught desperate pox ragged
181 greater harm bright trick wherever
182 although flowers troubled daughters balm
183 harm spread coward going bashful
184 pleasant shows increase possible fantasy
185 cynthia shield advantage undone sands
186 frame such dumb folly tasted
187 all not encounter servants unlike
188 when thoughts tempest which__interrogative__ leaden
189 thus some thieves angels restrain
190 fear bring hunt freely amaze
191 force gods locks observe survive
192 hell worth snow seven provoked
193 since why borrow ask discord
194 speak power earth_s desperate hides
195 tongue pleasure backward kindness pricked
196 drink time kissing dry reigns
197 in__adverb__ hate wasted names gazing
198 stay yield breaks forbear lesson
199 yield greater leaps taste lowly
200 spread takes pleading nose torches
201 power streams replies morrow treble
202 alas face bonnet tongues adder
203 morning noble breaketh deliver begg_d
204 taught therefore neighs catch fickle
205 only while do hereafter melted
206 rage tongue hast courtesy blasted
207 nymph drink cold quoth infection
208 blushing cheeks heavy ones jade
209 ye this smell visit saddle
210 joys boy why twice curb
211 hard serve that__relative__ dinner eats
212 sorrow like__verb__ bring received presage
213 soft revenge reason dispatch crosses
214 within age spend tear melting
215 spring sound grass teeth yearly
216 lend pay grief wood fishes
217 disdain patience die bones hush
218 hounds hopes another several infants
219 sport people own wronged striving
220 bird needs nature former contemn
221 pay sport back page fountains
222 making wisdom whose upon__adverb__ pearls
223 jealousy promise can knows wakes
224 cause valiant then edward bridle
225 dare speech that__demonstrative__ monstrous shelter
226 answer sith woeful proof thirsty
227 strong forward care expect imprisoned
228 ten talk quiet innocent stormy
229 haste making grow repent support
230 fault hadst annoy victory theft
231 field hour hold believe brag
232 hadst kingdom watch changed dismisse
233 double along give thrust impatience
234 alive tree hundred beat limit
235 despair used sith doors measures
236 remove lend pleased troubled plants
237 strikes wherefore betwixt charity stops
238 prime goodly chief knees victories
239 forlorn malice holds prevent confounds
240 hold alive abuse neck ending
241 watch roman nurse honourable stalk
242 give sense finds known throng
243 hundred abuse sleeps miserable abate
244 sith took feeling wretch crows
245 pleased measure fret humble doubled
246 betwixt beasts seeds fancy leading
247 chief abused thing lands ruffian
248 holds meant strange example rust
249 abuse fruit spirit liege savour
250 nurse flight matter lusty smother
251 finds firm doubt freedom tombs
252 sleeps earnest law winter touches
253 feeling fit hang coward leave
254 fret mount flesh manners disturb_d
255 seeds conceive pretty duchess enters
256 even means feel bravely foundation
257 friend stomach confess mock semblance
258 free paper side christian sturdy
259 either torment bloody maintain threat
260 rule nurse become purchase wayward
261 mischief dearly unless deceived fearfully
262 constant tent witness challenge mounts
263 measure nine second girl quietly
264 drive revenged sovereign handsome summon
265 fit unknown match shortly bootless
266 express earthly note natural oblivion
267 choose answered precious eat opens
268 inward meaning misery regard shifts
269 tame jealousy blow brutus cleanly
270 approach approach blame devils relieved
271 esteem fish wert emperor sunshine
272 salt messenger ends nobly battery
273 steps injury armed request cancer
274 glories salute cure condition droop
275 thirst calm tongues prepared fasten_d
276 echo deserves battle suit enchanting
277 framed weep teeth gallants nuns
278 posterity accuse worlds obedience text
279 flock hungry obey war unruly
280 resign sleeps wretch perform cabinet
281 obscure courteous suspect remain expel
282 aspire endymion object george hound
283 strong_st salt modest honours juice
284 presented leads woes unhappy marrow
285 scratch steps tyrant lately nimbly
286 exceeds asked friends niece sap
287 cradle signs senses add tyres
288 lark suffice calls creatures array
289 lurk gather appears knaves brim
290 compact endless aim persuade crop
291 web walk passage raised mingle
292 howling arise passing month pestilence
293 laughs lament outward resolution sores
294 plucks strikes picture forty sounding
295 malcontent purge brows tyrant statues
296 lord crime thick faithful supreme
297 peace saints pluck neighbour walked
298 command gaze tells single bankrupt
299 fortunes scorn thrive becomes channel
300 change knife rough forbid lists
301 revenge lofty chide account prettily
302 patience carthage debt beggar thigh
303 hopes despise smiles friends treasures
304 judgement proves hateful humour bends
305 ease chiefest lack lawful defects
306 powers lively complain warlike hunted
307 valiant render legs courtier labyrinth
308 vow echo tremble smell lends
309 forward framed speaks hardly salutes
310 talk posterity breach secure seals
311 consent likes sheep tush chat
312 kingdom prime beheld calls conflict
313 mirth speedy hanging forsake ditty
314 princely flock gently gown earthquake
315 fair things band shift ensigne
316 goodly caused barren cousin furnace
317 roman lets shines evil quire
318 sense resign bearing tut repine
319 took conceit broad post resistance
320 beasts sails hills scholar spears
321 abused obscure groan aside attorney
322 bought smiling mountain belly buys
323 firm record surfeit brief delightfull
324 silent coast harsh offend espy
325 earnest lodged skies tread exclaim
326 conceive front grim venture flinty
327 means aloft prophecy beloved fume
328 stomach players imagination doing immodest
329 paper weak vapours soul missing
330 torment hounds weeps supper sparing
331 followed strong_st feels aim tails
332 nine lay plenty bawd catching
333 fish nails darts humbly faintly
334 phoebus scope tired minute forgetting
335 degree trow hunting gates frosty
336 injury rascal flint wake gardens
337 salute town pause camp impartial
338 calm diligence butcher dread render_d
339 deserves cometh pluck_d twelve reprove
340 weep string coy adieu begets
341 conquer renew beating undertake devouring
342 storms scratch feather attempt downright
343 accuse exceeds invisible kneel pricking
344 hungry fears wishing except staring
345 courteous forlorn slay learning sympathy
346 endymion grudge bank remedy whiteness
347 leads declare gore stuff bites
348 crown labouring entreats prove ceased
349 gather condemn theme piece disorder
350 smart recovery aloud table ensuing
351 wonders cradle spies uncle faint
352 endless fret joints clean trembles
353 walk straw sadly easily trophies
354 arise wisest crimson reasons vulture
355 juno days shaking trial welkin
356 lament loathsome mingled surely withhold
357 purge dwells park madness blab
358 crime eke bud mend gloss
359 saints appeal footing nearer merciless
360 voices mortal mutiny pawn stem
361 paint lingering scorning delivered bloodless
362 carthage resort unwilling satisfy increasing
363 proves cheat lamps sickness listening
364 chiefest languish treads willingly mishaps
365 render lark dearth boast revives
366 likes rashness proceedings brains stares
367 speedy displease swine dogs wrinkled
368 things justly teaching hazard comes
369 caused piercing moisture spain direful
370 sweeter sworn seemeth tyranny leaning
371 conceit souls died faith welcomes
372 worldly awry tempting stick wildly
373 harvest priam timorous unkind burnish_d
374 record entertain caves commands clouded
375 coast lurk summers ghost imaginary
376 lodged restless surfeits ignorance leaders
377 front shrill frets coming madly
378 players smith whispers difference stoops
379 weak fail sweating flatter bores
380 clad finest wounding spoken discontents
381 lay covert courser urge liveries
382 nails disdains resembling cardinal lustily
383 scope bereave strangeness consider perverse
384 trow phoebe believing famous prodigies
385 rascal sighed alarums heartily sentinels
386 town possessed echoes pieces violets
387 diligence fertile smelling promised batter_d
388 cometh guile bushes senate comment
389 string virtues buttock doom insinuate
390 renew builds by__fossil__ early lifts
391 fears lordly hotly traitors paying
392 rend claim love_sick argument throwing
393 grudge deceitful sheathed arts wailing
394 declare hover coale fortunate extasie
395 labouring inquire berries tricks grey
396 condemn unfeigned tributary troy pitchy
397 recovery defaced falleth afore rift
398 straw smiled palfrey darest striking
399 wisest enjoying burneth pair thorny
400 days howling deceiuing lines agrees
401 dwells sot breeder advantage answering
402 eke sugred midday undo attaint
403 amidst daunt breedeth dainty cheers
404 appeal ruthful clapping pluck disposing
405 mortal swiftest hemm_d accept dissention
406 lingering bewail imbracing affect frown
407 resort contraries unripe amiss gloriously
408 cheat despairing chafing buried goeth
409 languish fifteen glutton however handling
410 displease laughs hasteth impossible lure
411 justly wrongs flank ladyship overflow
412 piercing ouersight breatheth weapons rained
413 sworn weights hard_favoured necessity springing
414 souls irksome prisond nephew tamed
415 awry ways unaware dreadful testy
416 mishap good_will oreworne plead wherein
417 pities reins tushes riches conquers
418 priam descried true thrive contending
419 entertain sinister worse busy impure
420 restless argus sky leisure kinder
421 shrill crazed off acquainted slips
422 smith lurks quickly satisfied wrinkle
423 fail feigned slain rough agents
424 finest plucks kisses suspicion bedchamber
425 covert pulls time remembrance concludes
426 bereave bragging honey strangers courageously
427 phoebe holdeth fast affliction hunts_man
428 slavish rebound needs defence stifle
429 possessed worn signs ignorant aptly
430 fertile forceth call point bribed
431 virtues sitteth woman richard cabin
432 lordly pinching told citizens client
433 claim worketh wonder fields colt
434 hover landlord pride castle coursers
435 inquire gaming by__adverb__ feet doubles
436 unfeigned haggard subject horns exclaims
437 defaced sliding drop ruled flatters
438 enjoying vncomely effect tempt nostrils
439 sot cloak embrace acquaintance obdurate
440 sugred greyhound dull chastity prophecies
441 daunt brick clouds provide quaking
442 ruthful devoid warm allow reflect
443 swiftest dolours brow dishonour repetition
444 bewail meads unkind palace sepulchres
445 contraries regarding beauteous stays shrinks
446 despairing surmounts destroy authority unsavoury
447 fifteen aha stealing entertainment agues
448 wrongs clogg_d should sweetness bewitching
449 ouersight free_will most commit caterpillars
450 weights hawk take execution clamorous
451 ebbs likte part mistake gorge
452 irksome pictured false warwick graze
453 ways compares themselves conclude hasting
454 good_will malcontent dark fixed marking
455 reins fowling makes gross spleens
456 descried mason two debt struggle
457 sinister stayless her__adjective__ drum titan
458 crazed manchet pain smiles unlikely
459 lurks rain choice start vails
460 feigned sour content seems wringing
461 pulls deathe present knock chides
462 bragging discharging triumphs redeem cony
463 holdeth freshe tunes wenches ebon
464 rebound giges beats conduct homeward
465 worn rueful happy constable kneels
466 scorching wishful endure no__adverb__ mellow
467 aurora climbs judge plays melodious
468 forceth kindleth wrought sentence musing
469 sitteth melpomene looks likewise plaster
470 pinching pureness breast hangs told_st
471 worketh roseate shows thinking amid
472 landlord stopper shield trees blindfold
473 gaming betokeneth hairs admire enfold
474 haggard culver consume hateful mated
475 sliding jetty relief lack narcissus
476 vncomely laboureth perforce leap  
477 cloak mastiue sighing reverend  
478 greyhound prefix even sufficient  
479 brick wailful friend england_s  
480 devoid yieldeth free suppose  
481 dolours coarsest either morrow  
482 meads damask_rose rule tongues  
483 regarding dea mischief deliver  
484 surmounts defers constant catch  
485 aha destrain measure dearest  
486 clogg_d dothe drive height  
487 free_will dowtefull fit hereafter  
488 hawk dwellinge express subjects  
489 likte feedethe choose courtesy  
490 pictured findste inward quoth  
491 compares gard_ner tame battle  
492 fowling godess_ approach ones  
493 mason good_liking esteem visit  
494 stayless halls salt bright  
495 manchet laridon steps works  
496 rain thowsande glories monster  
497 sour tills thirst twice  
498 deathe death echo dinner  
499 discharging place framed leaves  
500 freshe makes posterity received